Hemostemix Plans to Revolutionize Stem Cell Therapy with Scalable Production and New Sales Goals

Hemostemix Inc. (TSXV: HEM | OTCQB: HMTXF | FSE: 2VF0) has developed an effective “stem cell therapy” for the treatment of ischemic (lack of blood flow) disease and several other diseases including cardiomyopathy (heart tissue disease) and neuropathy (nerve cell disease). Hemostemix’s initial goal is to treat heart attack (ischemic heart disease) and various ischemic conditions such as ischemic limb disease.

Hemostemix’s Product Platform (targets to repair) – ACP-01 (blood vessel cells), NCP-01 (nerve cells), CCP-01 (heart cells)

Source: Hemostemix company presentation

Hemostemix’s leading product is called ACP-01. It refers to Hemostemix’s first stem cell treatment called angiogenic cell precursor (“ACP”) one (“01”). The ACP technology uses a patient’s own stem cells to treat that patient’s disease by extracting the stem cells, growing the number of cells within 7 days, then using them to treat the patient with their own harvested stem cells. According to Hemostemix: “ACP-01 has been used as a treatment of 500 subjects, studied in including clinical trials, and are demonstrated to be completely safe and effective as a treatment of Angina, Dilated and Ischemic Cardiomyopathy, Peripheral Arterial Disease and Critical Limb Ischemia.”

Hemostemix plans to increase production of their ACP stem cell therapy for ischaemic disease

In some recent news announced in January this year, Hemostemix has ramped up their team in order to increase the production of ACP-01. Hemostemix President and CEO, Thomas Smeenk, stated: “Adding four employees to our team enables Hemostemix to produce up to 20 ACP treatments per month for clinical trials and compassionate treatments approved by regulators……We expect up to 174 revenue production slots for the first full year of production. To fill them and balance our production schedule, we are working on a forward sales plan.

A “sales plan” suggests that the commercialization of ACP is potentially in the near term.

In a recent InvestorIntel CEO video, Thomas Smeenk revealed more about Hemostemix’s master plan. He said Hemostemix’s goal is to scale up production of ACP to “4,000 or more batches per month” and “the numbers are very significant, at $25,000 per treatment…$30,000 per treatment…..the numbers get very large very fast”.

Hemostemix’s scalable production plans over a 60-month period

Hemostemix’s sales target is to reach $360 million of risk-adjusted sales in 2027 (see below or page 14). Quite impressive given Hemostemix’s current market cap is C$16 million.

Hemostemix’s sales target is to reach $360 million of risk-adjusted sales in 2027

Source: Hemostemix company presentation

Is Hemostemix’s stem cell therapy effective?

Hemostemix’s ACP treatments have been successful to date. For example, in a 2019 Phase II CLI Trial with 12 randomized double-blind subjects, the results included: “Healing of ulcers and resolution of ischemic rest pain occurred in 10 of the 12 patients (83%). There were no clinically significant safety issues. Outcomes were maintained for up to 4.5 years……

You can see more results including pictures in a past InvestorIntel article here.

Closing remarks

Some risks apply and there is still work ahead for Hemostemix to implement its plan of action. At this stage, the Company has received US FDA Clinical Trial approval and further regulatory approvals may be necessary, as well as further funding to achieve the Company’s goals.

The best companies develop effective products that both help society and fill a strong need. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is doing this with electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable energy. Hemostemix is working towards becoming a leading biotech health company using stem cells to significantly help some of society’s most common and severe diseases. They have already won the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award, have proven their treatment efficacy in clinical trials, and have a highly qualified management team and reputable advisors.

2023 could potentially be a breakout year for Hemostemix Inc.