Byron King, Mark Chalmers and Jack Lifton on Energy Fuels becoming ‘a domestic Gigafactory for critical minerals’ in the USA

In this episode of Critical Minerals Corner, Byron King and InvestorIntel Editor-in-Chief and Member of Advisory Board at Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE: UUUU | TSX: EFR) Jack Lifton are joined by Mark Chalmers, President and CEO of Energy Fuels Inc. to discuss how Energy Fuels “could be a domestic gigafactory for critical minerals in the United States of America.”

Mark Chalmers started by saying that Energy Fuels is the only company in North America that provides exposure to the critical materials uranium, vanadium, and the rare earths. Providing an update on Energy Fuels’ agreements with Neo Performance Materials Inc.’s (TSX: NEO) and Nanoscale Powders, Mark went on to explain why Energy Fuels is “more advanced than any other company in North America” and provides an alternative to China for producing rare earths from monazites in the U.S., while operating at world-class standards. Jack Lifton added, “Energy Fuels is the only commercial producer of downstream rare earth products today in North America.”

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