Predictiv AI – Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve “Real World” Problems


Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass Part of a Back-to-Work Strategy

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on Wednesday that approximately 123.9 million people in the U.S. have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, representing about 37.3% of the total population.

While vaccination rates are increasing and new COVID-19 cases begin to decline, corporations are developing return-to-the-office strategies that address employees’ safety expectations that include regular health and temperature checks.

Temperature Checks Part of the New Workplace Health & Safety Protocols

In order to avoid admitting employees with symptoms, buildings are employing screening measures including restricting entry to a single access point to facilitate temperature checks.

To reduce lineups and wait times, buildings are implementing fast methods of fever detection, and ThermalPass by Predictiv AI Inc. (TSXV: PAI) is one solution.

ThermalPass Fever Detection System

Last year, Predictiv AI launched ThermalPass, a fever-detection system that instantly screens for higher than normal body temperatures that could be caused by a virus, such as COVID-19, in order to reduce the risk of spreading the contagion.

The ThermalPass stand-alone unit enhances public safety by providing fast, touch-free scanning of people at entranceways of high-traffic, public locations, and its waterproof design allows for both indoor and outdoor uses.

By integrating 24 medical-grade, non-invasive thermal sensors onto a metal frame, and taking 1200 readings per second, each unit can process one person per second and is perfect for mass screening applications at high-traffic locations such as airports, hospitals, office buildings, and sports stadiums.

Growing Sales and Resellers

This week, Predictiv AI reported that it signed F2 Factor to provide strategic support services to increase sales and distribution of ThermalPass.

This announcement follows a slew of partnerships signed earlier this year with other resellers including TFG Concepts (TFG), MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions (MCL), and Security Identification Systems Corp. (SISCO).

  • TFG is a sales agency with more than 30 years of experience representing manufactures and brands and has partnered before with companies such as Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Depot, and Lowes.
  • MCL plans to focus on the Education, Food Service, and Government sectors across Canada and has almost four decades of experience as a master distributor and their customers include Air Canada, the City of Toronto, and Sunnybrook Hospital.
  • SISCO will integrate ThermalPass with its Fast-Pass® Visitor Management System to help with track-and-trace efforts for building occupants and visitors.

Last week, Predictiv AI announced that it has installed multiple ThermalPass temperature scanning devices in Memorial Healthcare System hospital facilities in Broward County, Florida.

Memorial Healthcare is a provider of healthcare services in south Florida through a six-hospital network and various ancillary facilities. By integrating ThermalPass, it has helped eliminate forehead temperature checks and captures core employees’ temperature in a more efficient manner.

Dawn de la Vega, Director of Nursing at Memorial Regional Hospital, stated, “With COVID-19 still threatening our community, it’s important for us to continue using technology in a way that will help us maximize our team’s time and provide quality and safe care to our community.”

Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass Adopted by Memorial Healthcare System

Predictiv AI's ThermalPass Adopted by Memorial Healthcare System


Predictiv AI – Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve “Real World” Problems

Predictiv AI is not a 1-product company but an innovator and strategic operator of emerging technology companies with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain solutions, and the Internet-of-Things. The Company’s R&D division, AI Labs Inc. (AI Labs), develops new products that solve real-world problems.

In March, Predictiv AI announced that it partnered with the Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute (Waterloo.AI) at the University of Waterloo to allow AI Labs to pursue its AI reach and commercialization efforts and leverage Waterloo.AI as an extension of the Predictiv AI team.

Harold Godwin, Managing Director of Waterloo.AI, stated, “We are thrilled to have Predictiv AI join as a partner with Waterloo, this is a very exciting time for our university and Waterloo.AI, and we are grateful for the interest and ongoing support of our partners, including our newest, Predictiv AI.”

The collaboration will allow AI Labs to access the artificial intelligence resources at Waterloo.AI, increasing the bandwidth in ideation, research, and development of solutions for real-world problems.

Final Thoughts

Predictiv AI helps businesses and organizations make smarter decisions using AI, deep machine learning, and data science.

As AI continues to be a disruptive technology, investors are looking for ways to profit from it and Predictiv AI could be an avenue for an AI investment.

With a market capitalization of less than C$11 million, there is still plenty of upside to this Canadian high-tech company.

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