Don Bubar on advancing Avalon’s rare earths, lithium and tin-indium projects towards small scale production

“We are making a lot of progress — moving all the three projects forward with that goal of achieving initial small-scale production within the next year or so…”, started Don Bubar, President, CEO and Director of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (TSX: AVL | OTCQB: AVLNF), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Tracy Weslosky: Don, I want to start by congratulating you for winning PDAC’s distinguished service award. But first I want to congratulate you on the news you just announced where you provided an update on three of your projects as you race towards small scale production. How about we start with that?

Don Bubar: We are making a lot of progress. We haven’t had a tremendous amount of news flow over the last couple of months but that’s not because we have been working really hard. We are moving all the three projects forward with that goal of achieving initial small-scale production within the next year or so.

Tracy Weslosky: I continue to pound the issue of sustainability with our audience. We need these critical materials for technology applications. Let’s start with Nechalacho. What is happening there?

Don Bubar: We have a new partner there in Cheetah Resources, an Australian private company. They share our vision for the need for small scale rapid production to serve this rapidly growing deficit of the market for rare earths as soon as possible. They have agreed to work with us on that project. We actually have sold them one small part of it to allow them to take the lead on getting that going with our support of course to help them get started and create long term possibilities to grow that project.

Tracy Weslosky: And their investment is $5 million is that correct?

Don Bubar: That’s the initial purchase price. They will also be investing in whats needed to take the project to next stage of feasibility work and put it in production.

Tracy Weslosky: How did you get the Australians attracted to investing in North West Territories…to access the complete interview, click here

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  1. Hannibal Avatar

    It looks like an end to the trade war is in fact not imminent, contrary to what Mr. Bohlsen has suggested in a recent article in Investorintel. And as former President Barack Obama might say, “That’s a good thing”. Well, as least for the rare earth mining industry outside of China as suggested in a recent news item. According to a news release in the publication Financial Times dated May 20, 2019, “Australia’s Lynas Corp. is forming a joint venture with a Texas-based rare earths company to build a processing plant in the US”. Lynas Corp., “signed a memorandum of understanding with Blue Line Corporation to build a rare earths seperation facility in Hondo, Texas”. And as far as the U.S. – China trade conflict is concerned, Chinese officials believe that rare earths are “an ace in China’s hand”. We’ll see what the future holds for the U. S. – China trade agreement, rare earth mining outside of China, and ultimately who Trumps who.

    1. Tracy Weslosky Avatar
      Tracy Weslosky

      Excellent contribution Hannibal – thank you

  2. Hannibal Avatar

    Thank you Tracy though I should have waited for a more opportune time to post my comments considering today’s stunning announcement that U.S. mining consortium MP Materials will “kick-start its’ own processing operation by the end of 2020,” at its’ Mountain Pass mining operation. Improving rare earth element prices and China’s 25% import duty were no doubt some of the factors which contributed to that decision. Further positive developments and improving market sentiment for U.S. and Canadian rare earth mining are greatly anticipated and certainly long overdue. The future for rare earth elements mining outside China is beginning to look much brighter.

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