TMRC’s Chairman Anthony Marchese on what the US-China Trade Agreement means to the US Rare Earths Market

“If you look at the specifics of the trade agreement (US-China Phase One Deal‎), the way they have listed is, all of the rare earths including scandium and yttrium because a lot of people don’t consider especially yttrium a rare earth. So it is all of the rare earths and scandium and yttrium and any of the alloys. It is true that the United States currently has zero manufacturing capacity…I look at it as another potential market for our products when we get into production. Remember this is phase 1. There is going to be phase 2 and hopefully phase 3. They are committed to buying it once we get into production. We will be able to sell 100% of our goods to the American market. China then becomes a secondary market for some of our products. It gives acknowledgment to the fact that we have a potential supply chain resurgence in the United States.” States Anthony Marchese, Chairman of Texas Mineral Resources Corp. (OTCQB: TMRC), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Anthony went on to say that Texas Mineral Resources is developing the Round Top Heavy Rare Earth and Critical Minerals Project in Texas with its funding and development partner, USA Rare Earth LLC. The Round Top Project has the optimal infrastructure to move materials to other parts of the country as it is very close to Interstate Highway 10 and a major railroad. The project is located on State property and not on Federal property which is a huge advantage for the company. Anthony also said that the Round Top project will provide a balanced and diversified revenue stream as a third of the output will be rare earths, another third will be critical materials like scandium and lithium and remaining will be industrial minerals.

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  1. Ernest Fielding Avatar
    Ernest Fielding

    Are you going to interview Jim McKenzie at Ucore

  2. Tracy Avatar

    Not at this time Ernest. We have left messages for them and no one is replying. If you like, you may let them know that either myself, Jack or Peter will do the interview and see if you can arrange it, but we cannot force anyone to do an interview. Note that Jack does a lovely update on Ucore, which we will have published in the next couple of days. Thanks for visiting….

    1. Justin Avatar

      Tracy/Jack – I am looking for an email contact for Mr. Lifton. I am off topic here for Rare Earths but have a few questions regarding Lithium. Thank you!!

      1. Tracy Avatar

        Send me your request for what you are seeking to [email protected] and we will forward to Jack.

  3. Dan Harrison Avatar
    Dan Harrison

    Per the following news release

    USA Rare Earth, LLC has an option to earn up to an 80% interest in the Round Top rare earth for approximately $13million.

    Why so low for a property valued at ~$1.4billion, it seems that purchasing USA Rare Earth stock(if possible) would be a better investment.
    Isn’t the value with USA Rare Earth instead of Texas Mineral Resources Corp.?

    Dan Harrison

    1. Rick Avatar

      That’s because the man with the gold makes the rules.

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