DCS Launches API Web Services for IoT Deployments & System Integration


June 9, 2020 (Source) – DCS (CSE: DCSI) announced today the release of its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for third party and independent software developers. By opening up these data services, developers will be able to create new interfaces to IOT and GPS Tracking Devices and enhance system integrations through one single source.

“Our API offers software developers access to device data from one single source, eliminating the need for companies to program their backend software for each device manufacturer they are looking to adopt”, said Eric Placzek, DCS’s Chief Technical Officer. “We are excited to offer this service to companies looking to streamline their development efforts, the APIs will reduce development time to on board new telematics and IOT devices, plus enhance their systems by converging other valuable device data statistics. Our partners can now shift their attention to new front-end features and enhancements to their software, knowing that DCS’s APIs will deliver the data in a consistent and familiar format.”

DCS is at the epicenter of the Internet of Things, assisting their partners to procure, develop and deploy hardware and software platforms that make IOT programs easier and less costly. IOT customers around the world rely on DCS’s 10 years + of experience in cellular wireless module integration, product design and deployment, to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and time spent on managing their IOT programs. The API data service is one more step toward lowering development costs for IOT customers.

Chris Bursey, CEO of DCS commented, “We expect our customers to adopt many new IOT devices, especially as the networks begin to sunset 2G and 3G supported equipment and as device manufacturers offer new product. Our API suite streamlines the onboarding process, acts as a translator, and makes all device types seem as one. The API standardizes the data, making it easier for developers to adopt a wider range of devices and get data to make better business decisions. Essentially, DCS’s API makes the integration of device data into any development environment, easier and less costly.”

Dave Scowby, COO of DCS also commented, “over the past few years, DCS has used API’s internally to create applications that reduce overhead, lower deployment costs and save time in the process of device preparation. In other words, we have proven internally, their value in improving efficiency and reducing costs in our own business.

DCS’s new API’s are another example of the company’s growing competitive advantage as an industry leader in innovation within the fast growing IOT industry.

About DCS
Established in 2006 and Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Direct Communication Solutions, Inc. (DCS) is a leading provider of information technology solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) market. DCS is a value-added reseller of IoT telematics devices, and a developer of its own end-to-end SaaS based intelligent business solutions. Our SaaS solutions include MIFleet™, which provides GPS Fleet monitoring and tracking and MiSensors™, which provides machine-to-machine device management. This year DCS, will deploy BrewSee®, a comprehensive inventory tracking system for the hospitality industry. DCS plans to develop and deploy additional sensor-based telematics solutions, Web & Mobile Applications, as well as Web API Services to bring intelligence and logic to remote data collection.

DCS is a publicly traded company on the Canadian Stock Exchange.