Energy Fuels Secures Strategic Acquisition (A$375M) of Base Resources to Become a Global Leader in Critical Minerals Productions


Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU | TSX: EFR), a prominent U.S. producer of uranium, rare earths, and vanadium, has just announced a definitive acquisition of Base Resources Limited (ASX: BSE | AIM: BSE). This transformative deal, valued at approximately A$375 million (roughly USD$240.9M), involves the purchase of 100% of Base Resources’ issued shares, marking a significant expansion into the global critical minerals market and reshaping Energy Fuels’ strategic capabilities across several key mineral sectors.

This acquisition integrates the Toliara heavy mineral sands project in Madagascar into Energy Fuels’ portfolio. Toliara is renowned for its extensive deposits of heavy mineral sands, particularly monazite, which is a byproduct of titanium and zirconium production. This site is one of the world’s most advanced and cost-effective sources for monazite, expected to play a pivotal role in Energy Fuels’ expansion into low-cost, high-value rare earth oxide production. The monazite from Toliara is slated for processing at Energy Fuels’ fully owned White Mesa Mill in Utah, positioning the company as a first-tier producer of separated rare earth element oxides in a U.S.-centered operation.

The strategic significance of this acquisition extends beyond resource expansion; it encompasses the incorporation of Base Resources’ seasoned mine development and operations team. This team has a proven track record in designing, constructing, and operating world-class heavy mineral sand operations in Africa, which will be invaluable in maximizing the operational efficiencies and productivity of the Toliara project.

Financially, the transaction involves an exchange of 0.0260 Energy Fuels common shares plus A$0.065 in cash per Base Resources share, representing a robust valuation that underscores the anticipated synergistic benefits. The deal, structured as a scheme of arrangement under Australia’s Corporations Act, highlights the strategic foresight of Energy Fuels’ management in securing a diversified supply of critical minerals essential for modern technologies such as electric vehicles and renewable energy systems.

Energy Fuels is also engaged in high-level discussions with various U.S. government agencies and offices, seeking support for this and other critical mineral projects both domestically and internationally. This engagement underscores the strategic importance of the Toliara project not just to Energy Fuels but to the broader U.S. supply chain for critical materials.

Jack Lifton, Co-Chair of the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI), underscored the global significance of this acquisition, stating, “This acquisition by Energy Fuels puts them into the world-class rare earth space. This is arguably the biggest rare earth announcement in the last 10 or 15 years in the United States, as it represents not just the reopening of old mines but the introduction of a new, large-scale source of critical materials from Africa, Brazil, and Australia.”

The acquisition is expected to be highly accretive to Energy Fuels’ shareholders, significantly enhancing the company’s asset value per share and unlocking substantial potential upside through increased production capacities and cost efficiencies. Notably, the Toliara project is set to provide a sustainable, low-cost source of uranium, complementing Energy Fuels’ already leading position in the U.S. uranium sector.

In summary, this acquisition not only secures a world-class mineral project at an attractive price but also strategically positions Energy Fuels at the forefront of the global critical minerals industry, ready to meet increasing demand with a robust and diversified production base. The integration of Toliara’s resources and expertise from Base Resources promises to enhance Energy Fuels’ capabilities across the board, ensuring long-term growth and profitability in the evolving energy and technology landscapes.

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  1. Arthur Michael Ambrosino Avatar
    Arthur Michael Ambrosino

    There’s so much good to say about this and I want to congratulate Mark Chalmers!
    The only concerns are Made-In-America and the limited HREE in these sands, but if you’re only interested in the actinides, this’s a good thing….

  2. Tracy Weslosky Avatar
    Tracy Weslosky

    I agree Arthur – Mark Chalmers and team deserve our congratulations. Jack (Lifton) tells me this is the most significant news in this sector in the last decade. He also pointed out that the team in place with Base, is a value add here….

    Thank you for visiting Tracy

  3. Rare Earths Investor Avatar
    Rare Earths Investor

    “Energy Fuels is also engaged in high-level discussions with various U.S. government agencies and offices, seeking support for this and other critical mineral projects both domestically and internationally”.

    As a niche RE investor the above statement is of great interest. As also stated elsewhere, for me the above is the crucial issue for RE retail investors. ROW RE processing is, IMHO, seeing a race both between RE wannabees and between regions.

    As an ordinary investor (not a geologist or chemist) I look for outsider verification of project value via offtakes and strategic, and/or major private equity investments. I do smile at all the claims made by wannabees (reminds me of pre 2010-11) and, therefore, I look for those who are putting significant money into RE projects as an indicator of actual value (even here you can be seriously wrong – note e.g., the Vital Metals situation).

    So, my question with due respect is with multi-metals EF having been around the RE sector now for several years; having relationships with Chemours, as well as in Brazil, AUS and now Madagascar, plus offtakes to NEO, why has this entity not seen any major US strategic backing or even significant private/OEM investment yet? We have REEMF, Ucore, Lynas, MP and Noveon all with such investments this decade, but EF?

    Mr. Lifton has forgotten more about the RE sector than I have ever known but I am very interested in his development of this comment from a niche RE investment perspective.

    “This is arguably the biggest rare earth announcement in the last 10 or 15 years in the United States”

    We’ve had Lynas with aound $300 mills of US strategic money and MP with close to a 100 mill both for opening public owned US based processing. Then, we’ve seen the arrival of US backed VAC and the monied POSCO/Star Group to open up the US magnet making sector. Both these RE value chain stages are acknowledged chokeholds for China, hence US action here. The RE processing competition in the US is fully underway (not to mention those wannabees in CAD, Estonia, Norway and AUS).

    Obviously, a boatload more could be added here but this is another’s board. For me, it’s not about the mining of RE (which the US has options all over, ask Meteoric in Brazil, Rainbow in SA and ASM in AUS, 2 of the 3 here are also looking to process). It’s all about the RE value chain processing and magnet/component-making.

    I do salute EF for making such moves in the RE sector using their own money, but as usual, I have niche (which EF admittedly is not) RE investor macro questions related to micro claims by the wannabees.

    Thank you for highlighting this move and opening up potential debate which will be useful to serious niche RE investors. GLTA – REI

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