Hyperion Partners Introduces Groundbreaking MiSensors Partnership


January 11, 2021 (Source) — Hyperion Partners, the industry-leading master agent of mobility solutions, introduces a groundbreaking, new partnership with inventive, remote monitoring provider, Direct Communication Solutions, Inc. (OTCQX: DCSX) (CSE: DCSI) (“DCS”) and MiSensors. Hyperion is known for its exclusive access to innovative technologies and solutions through its growing network of channel partners. The new partnership with MiSensors undoubtedly continues Hyperion’s trailblazing efforts.

MiSensors is a cloud-based sensor management platform with web and mobile front-end user applications. Its multi-purposed capabilities offer businesses looking to deploy sensors solutions at a fraction of normal costs. By partnering with MiSensors, Hyperion Partners adds the MiTag Multi-Sensor to its diverse solution portfolio.

The MiTag Multi-Sensor is a battery-powered, long-range Bluetooth 5.0 – IP67 8-in-1 sensor built specifically for IoT Applications. MiTag’s diverse tracking and reporting capabilities set it apart from the competition. A single sensor can track and report temperature, humidity, pressure, impact, light, proximity, open/closed and a multi-function alert button.

Hyperion’s Vice President of Portfolio Leo Zeltser said, “There is no doubt that our partnership with MiSensors adds immense value to our network. The ability to offer our customers products that save them money while putting forth a complete solution is exactly what Hyperion stands for.”

“Partnering with industry experts like Hyperion Partners provides access to their extensive channel network,” said Mike Lawless, EVP of Corporate Development with DCS. “Hyperion is well positioned in the industry, making this a great fit for both companies.”

About Hyperion

Hyperion is a full-service business development master agent specializing in telecommunications. We focus on adding value for partners and have exclusive access to several disruptive technologies that make our bundled solutions more attractive. Acting as a consultant to our partners and clients, we ensure customers receive the most practical, affordable, and complete solution possible. Hyperion has a wide footprint in businesses of all sizes, offering dedicated care and technical support through the ordering, activation, and implementation processes. To learn more visit: hyperionpartners.net.

About MiSensors

MiSensors is a trademarked brand of DCS. MiSensors is a cloud based remoting monitoring platform that leverages wireless sensors to provide real time insight into assets. MiTag is a BT 5, 8-in-1 multi-sensor that combines temperature, humidity, pressure, open/close contact switch, light detection, impact and a multipurpose alert button all in one compact design.

About DCS

DCS is a technology solutions integrator focusing on connecting the Internet of Things. We provide real solutions that solve real problems. Our software applications and scalable cloud services collect and assess business-critical data from all types of assets. DCS is headquartered in San Diego, California and is publicly traded on the OTCQX and Canadian Securities Exchange (OTCQX: DCSX) (CSE: DCSI). For more information, visit www.dcsbusiness.com.


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