FendX Technologies’ award winning nanotechnology and REPELWRAP™ film is advancing at warp speed


One day in the future there could be special nanomaterials used in hospitals, operating theaters, and medical clinics that act to repel pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc). The applications for pathogen repelling materials are almost endless. Think of surgical equipment, catheters, and perhaps even our personal gadgets.

A kind of supermaterial coating that can keep the germs away. Well, that future is potentially not so far away! A Canadian company has developed a nanotechnology that repels germs (pathogens).

The Company is FendX Technologies Inc. (CSE: FNDX | OTCQB: FDXTF) (“FendX”).

FendX’s vision is to contribute to controlling the spread of infectious diseases. Along with their partners, FendX has developed a nanotechnology that repels pathogens. The nanotechnology has unique repelling properties that prevent adhesion of bacteria, viruses, and liquids.

FendX state:

The repelling properties of our nano-surfaces prevents adhesion of bacteria and viruses. We believe our technology will have numerous applications and opportunities in healthcare and other industries.”


Our nanotechnology causes both high surface tension (e.g., water) and low surface tension (e.g., oil) liquids to form droplets when they come in contact with the nano-surface.

FendX is developing both film and spray products to protect surfaces from contamination

Source: FendX technologies website


FendX’s lead product under development is known as REPELWRAP™ film. It works by repelling pathogens. REPELWRAP™ is being developed in conjunction with FendX’s partners at McMaster University. FendX has an exclusive worldwide license to its technology and IP portfolio from McMaster, which encompass both film and spray coating nanotechnology formulations.

FendX states:

The Company has a growing intellectual property portfolio consisting of licensed nonprovisional national stage patent applications which have been made in Canada, the United States, Europe, China, Hong Kong and Japan, as well as two licensed PCT applications. Our licensed nanotechnology has been featured in CNN Health, Materials Today, and Engineering.com.

REPELWRAP™ film won the grand prize of the “2020 Create the Future Design” contest, beating out approximately 750 entries from 60 countries around the world.

As announced in June 2023 FendX is progressing the manufacturing stage for REPELWRAP™ film through their agreement with Dunmore International Corp. (“Dunmore”). The initial setup and testing of the manufactured product has been completed. The next stage of development involves conducting small runs on Dumore’s commercial manufacturing line to create intermediate sized films for further testing.

Dr. Carolyn Myers, CEO of FendX stated:

We are very pleased Dunmore has successfully replicated the REPELWRAP™ film lab prototype in their R&D lab and that they can now begin to automate the manufacturing process…..This achievement marks a significant step forward in our scale-up initiatives as FendX has met an important REPELWRAP™ film development milestone.

Spray coating

On July 20, 2023, FendX announced that they had signed a collaborative research agreement with McMaster University for the development of the ‘Spray Coating Formulation’.

The Spray Coating can be easier to quickly apply to high-touch surfaces. This is an exciting recent step forward for FendX as it expands the potential product marketplace.

Closing remarks

FendX is moving forward at warp speed. Product development and small scale commercial manufacturing of REPELWRAP™ film is already underway. A spray coating with similar applications is also starting to be developed.

You can learn more about FendX by reading the June 2023 Letter to Shareholders.

FendX Technologies trades on a market cap of C$15 million. It looks like a huge potential opportunity for FendX if they can market and sell their products well in future years. I would expect hospitals and surgeries would be very interested to buy some FendX REPELWRAP™ film or spray once it is available. Stay tuned.

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