Discover the Significance of Ionic Clays: The Critical Minerals Institute Hosts an Online Summit

August 18, 2023 — The Critical Minerals Institute (CMI) is delighted to announce its upcoming online summit titled What is All the Ionic Clay Buzz Really About? Scheduled for Wednesday, September 6, from 7-8 PM EST, this CMI virtual summit will explore the fascinating world of ionic adsorption in clays and its critical role in sourcing heavy rare earths.

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The CMI Co-Chairs, Jack Lifton and Ian Chalmers, accompanied by moderator Tracy Weslosky, CMI Director, will shed light on the significance of these ionic clays and their implication on the global supply chain, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

About the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI):

CMI is a leading international platform for experts, companies, and professionals delving deep into battery materials, technology metals, defense metals, and ESG technologies and practices. Focusing on the general EV market and the utilization of critical minerals for energy and alternative energy production, CMI offers a plethora of B2B service solutions. Whether you are seeking job opportunities, latest industry news, or B2B resources, CMI is your go-to source. Visit the Events section on the CMI site for more details on the upcoming summit.

Decoding the Ionic Clay Conundrum:

The ionic clay buzz is all about sourcing the pivotal rare earth elements: neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium. These elements are essential for creating permanent magnets used in automotive drive motors, as they maintain magnetism even under temperature extremes, ranging from 0°F to 400°F.

Jack Lifton, the CMI Co-Chair, emphasized the significance of these clays, stating, “Without these materials, we cannot produce the essential magnets for the automotive sector. The primary sources of these clays are currently located in China and parts of Southeast Asia, making the U.S. and Europe heavily dependent on them. Although we have identified potential sources in Brazil, Malaysia, and Vietnam, our dependency on China remains a challenge.”

He further adds, “I want to highlight the importance of these materials over their cost. Electric car production will come to a standstill without a consistent supply. The focus should now be on exploring ‘ancient clays’ found in regions like Manitoba, the Dakotas, and Australia, despite extraction being costlier.”

Join the discussion and delve deeper into the world of ionic clays, the challenges surrounding their extraction, and their pivotal role in the EV market. Those interested can RSVP to receive a calendar invitation.

For press inquiries or additional information, please contact Tracy Weslosky at [email protected] or dial direct at +1 416 792 8228. More information may be accessed at or to secure a ticket, click here

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