Giyani Metals CEO on manganese for the battery market


March 22, 2018 – “What we are really interested in here is manganese for the battery market. It is a little bit different than for the steel market.” states Robin Birchall, CEO & Director of Giyani Metals Corp. (TSXV: WDG), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Peter Clausi.

Peter Clausi: You are a recent addition to the company I understand. 

Robin Birchall: That is right. I joined the company at the back end of last year just before we did a small financing.

Peter Clausi: You raised $2 million dollars? 

Robin Birchall: Yes, just a little bit more than $2 million. We also took in some cash. We have some holdings, liquid holdings in some other companies. We sold a little bit of that at the same time.

Peter Clausi: Right before joining Giyani you were part of another management team that took a project through to mine production.

Robin Birchall: That is right.

Peter Clausi: Now you have left that to do hopefully the same thing here.

Robin Birchall: Yeah, that is definitely the plan.

Peter Clausi: And our metal of choice?

Robin Birchall: What we are really interested in here is manganese for the battery market. It is a little bit different than for the steel market. That is something that is taking a bit of education with people to explain.

Peter Clausi: What is it, a different formulation, a different size, different flake?

Robin Birchall: The best way I can explain it is to maybe think about coal. You have thermal coal and coking coal. They are not interchangeable.

Peter Clausi: Right.

Robin Birchall: You have something similar in manganese. You have direct shipping ore that goes to the steel market and then you have high-grade ore, which can be turned into very high purity manganese flake that goes into the cathodes for the batteries. These two things are not very interchangeable.

Peter Clausi: And you have the EMM.

Robin Birchall: So far the indications that we have are very high-grade material that can be used to make EMM.

Peter Clausi: What is next then on the company development path?

Robin Birchall: Right now we have been doing all our budgeting and planning for the field program. We have got our board meeting actually in a couple of days’ time where we will approve the budgets and go ahead with the drill program and the geophysics. Then also we have a little bit of metallurgical testing that we are doing at the same time.

Peter Clausi: Okay. Drill program should be done by late summer?

Robin Birchall: We will be a little bit early on that. I think that the drilling program will be going through April so we will start to have results in April and a few more in May. We have some material that is on site right now. We will have the drill results that will come directly from the drilling. Then we will be doing the metallurgical tests and we will start the metallurgical testing very soon on the stockpile. Then that testing will go a little bit into May and so we will have a series of results in May. Then in June we will probably have the resource.

Peter Clausi: Was this meant to be confirmatory drilling or resource definition?

Robin Birchall: This is resource definition. You have to remember that the overall scale of the deposit we have a pretty good idea of that…to access the complete interview, click here

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  1. STEVE LAKE Avatar

    I’m part owner of Artillery Peaks property in Arizona. We have a large deposit of manganese. We are looking for partners in mining this land that was mined years ago!

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