Klip on how to be an online media influencer in the resource sector

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March 14, 2018 — “Once you say something or you write a tweet you are responsible for that knowledge if you are sharing it, or for the action which you are thinking will be for the best benefit of shareholders of your own company,” states Kirill Klip in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Jeff Wareham. 

Jeff Wareham: Kirill is really the number one online media influencer I think in this space today. Kirill you are all over social media. Our industry should probably give you a big thank you. What drove you to get so involved? 

Kirill Klip: Thank you very much for this praise. It is a lot of very hard work. When I started my blog it was very interesting. What I found, of course, English is not my native language. But what was very interesting was, before you can write even a very short article, you have to really study the subject. Twitter is great in the sense that it disciplines your mind because you are communicating with very short messages, so you have to know your subject. You have to be there frequently, otherwise people will not be following you and you have to be interesting, otherwise people will get bored. I love this way of communicating, of explaining this education. It is very easy, but very hard when your investors can always hit you back and ask you questions about the company. 

Jeff Wareham: You certainly are out there and accountable for what you have to say, are you not? 

Kirill Klip: Exactly. You know what I found? Maybe the first time, 10 years ago, and then it became crystalized for me 5 years ago, why a lot of mining executives or executives are shy of this kind of public stance on a lot of things. Now I know because once you say something or you write a tweet you are responsible for that knowledge if you are sharing it, or for the actions which you are thinking will be for the best benefit of shareholders of your own company. Then shareholders or others can show you the tweet. Kirill you were talking about this, where is it? It is very, very interesting, this fear, when you have an almost immediate response from your core investors or participants in our industry.

Jeff Wareham: I have been on Twitter a long time, but LinkedIn not so long. I am amazed on how much information you get out on LinkedIn.

Kirill Klip: You know what is very interesting? Sometimes I do not know 100% about a particular subject. For example, I am quite good about lithium, lithium batteries, electric cars. But, for example, I do not have a clue how many electric buses are sold in China. I can just fly one question out and I will receive, like, 10 top experts tweeting me back. Then I can check the source, and within half an hour I know the best knowledge maybe from another person all across the world. It is fascinating how social media really opens us in the sense, that we can not only educate other people with our knowledge, but also we can gain and crystalize the knowledge in the industry very fast…to access the complete interview, click here.

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