Week 2 – How Does ESG Fit into the Critical Minerals Development Industry for Lithium Companies

How Does ESG Fit into the Critical Minerals Development Industry for Lithium Companies

The process of contacting key Australian Stock Exchange-listed Critical Minerals companies to get their views on ESG continued this week. I am looking to assuage the concerns of some of our stakeholders as to the ESG credentials of those Australia-based organizations that are in a position to supply and value add to the Critical Minerals shortage the world is now facing.

The questions are not designed as a platform for investment decisions, but as an important step towards letting you know what their values are, what their achievements have been, and where they see our industry heading. The reference table will include the company name, the ASX Ticker code, their website reference, their current Market Capitalisation, and their response to the ESG questionnaire.

The reference table will include all of the Australia-based companies that qualify for the Australian Critical Minerals Strategy referenced below.

2022 Critical Minerals Strategy

The survey questions were:

  1. A brief description of your activities
  2. How do you define ESG?
  3. What should stakeholders be aware of in your approach to ESG?
  4. How do you see ESG becoming an important function in the future?
  5. Do you have any ESG lessons learned that you may wish to share?

I have updated the Rare Earths reference table but have received no responses as yet. (See Appendix A: Rare Earths Table.)

Below is the Lithium reference table. In the next issue, we will add the Vanadium table, followed by the Cobalt table. Each issue will allow access to the tables via links and similarly with the ESG responses from the queried companies.

Lithium Company Table

Lithium Company (Ticker link to Share Price History)Web SiteMkt Cap AUS$
(Feb 25, 2023)
ESG Response
Aurora Energy Metals Ltd (ASX: 1AE)www.auroraenergymetals.com  $14.73M 
Australasian Metals Ltd (ASX: A8G)www.australasiangold.com  $8.86M 
Ardiden Ltd (ASX: ADV)www.ardiden.com.au  $13.17M 
Argosy Minerals Ltd (ASX: AGY)www.argosyminerals.com.au  $1.08BQueried Feb 26
Allkem (ASX: AKE)www.allkem.co  $7.58BQueried Feb 26
Arrow Minerals Ltd (ASX: AMD)www.arrowminerals.com  $12.67M 
Anson Resources Ltd (ASX: ASN)www.ansonresources.com  $241.76M 
Australian Vanadium Ltd (ASX: AVL)www.australianvanadium.com.au  $144.29M 
BMG Resources Ltd (ASX: BMG)www.bmgl.com.au  $7.57M 
Benz Mining Corp (ASX: BNZ)www.benzmining.com  $52.06M 
Boadicea Resources Ltd (ASX: BOA)www.boadicea.net.au  $7.38M 
Cullen Resources Ltd (ASX: CUL)www.cullenresources.com.au  $5.30M 
Core Lithium Ltd (ASX: CXO)www.corelithium.com.au  $1.79BQueried Feb 26
De Grey Mining Ltd (ASX: DEG)www.degreymining.com.au  $2.07BQueried Feb 26
Devex Resources Ltd (ASX: DEV)www.devexresources.com.au  $96.44M 
Dart Mining NL (ASX: DTM)www.dartmining.com.au  $7.52M 
European Metals Holdings Ltd (ASX: EMH)www.europeanmet.com  GBP74.34M 
Essential Metals Ltd (ASX: ESS)www.essmetals.com.au  $131.12M 
European Lithium Ltd (ASX: EUR)www.europeanlithium.com  $101.45M 
EV Resources Ltd (ASX: EVR)www.evresources.com.au  $10.53M 
Global Lithium Resources Ltd (ASX: GL1)www.globallithium.com.au  $333.62M 
Galan Lithium Ltd (ASX: GLN)www.galanlithium.com.au  $352.95M 
Hannans Ltd (ASX: HNR)www.hannans.com  $42.50M 
Hawkstone Mining Ltd (ASX: HWK)www.hawkstonemining.com.au  $153.88M 
Infinity Lithium Corporation Ltd (ASX: INF)www.infinitylithium.com  $48.57M 
Ioneer Ltd (ASX: INR)www.ioneer.com  $786.88MQueried Feb 26
Jindalee Resources Ltd (ASX: JRL)www.jindalee.net  $141.15M 
Korab Resources Ltd (ASX: KOR)www.korabresources.com.au  $8.08M 
Krakatoa Resources Ltd (ASX: KTA)www.ktaresources.com  $13.79M 
Li-S Energy Ltd (ASX: LIS)www.lis.energy  $50.66M 
Lithium Australia Ltd (ASX: LIT)www.lithium-au.com  $51.32M 
Lake Resources NL (ASX: LKE)www.lakeresources.com.au  $866.22MQueried Feb 26
Lanthanein Resources Ltd (ASX: LNR)www.lanthanein.com  $21.31M 
Lepidico Ltd (ASX: LPD)www.lepidico.com  $85.92M 
Lithium Power International Ltd (ASX: LPI)www.lithiumpowerinternational.com  $229.62M 
Latin Resources Ltd (ASX: LRS)www.latinresources.com.au  $242.62M 
Liontown Resources Ltd (ASX: LTR)www.ltresources.com.au  $2.99BQueried Feb 26
Mineral Resources Ltd (ASX: MIN)www.mineralresources.com.au  $16.21BQueried Feb 26
Metals Australia Ltd (ASX: MLS)www.metalsaustralia.com.au  $29.74M 
Marquee Resources Ltd (ASX: MQR)www.marqueeresources.com.au  $10.14M 
Morella Corporation Ltd (ASX: 1MC)www.morellacorp.com  $67.08M 
Neometals Ltd (ASX: NMT)www.neometals.com.au  $444.96MQueried Feb 26
Nova Minerals Ltd (ASX: NVA)www.novaminerals.com.au  $117.63M 
Piedmont Lithium Inc (ASX: PLL)www.piedmontlithium.com  $1.69BQueried Feb 26
Pilbara Minerals Ltd (ASX: PLS)www.pilbaraminerals.com.au  $13.58BQueried Feb 26
Power Minerals Ltd (ASX: PNN)www.pepinnini.com.au  $32.51M 
Poseidon Nickel Ltd (ASX: POS)www.poseidon-nickel.com.au  $116.42M 
Prospect Resources Ltd (ASX: PSC)www.prospectresources.com.au  $94.76M 
Red Dirt Metals Ltd (ASX: RDT)www.reddirtmetals.com.au  $177.88M 
Rio Tinto Ltd (ASX: RIO)www.riotinto.com  $172.47BQueried Feb 26
Reedy Lagoon Corporation Ltd (ASX: RLC)www.reedylagonn.com.au  $4.53M 
Strike Resources Ltd (ASX: SRK)www.strikeresources.com.au  $22.42M 
Sayona Mining Ltd (ASX: SYA)https://sayonamining.com.au/about/  $2.04BQueried Feb 26
Taruga Minerals Ltd (ASX: TAR)www.targunaminerals.com.au  $12.00M 
Tempest Minerals Ltd (ASX: TEM)www.tempestminerals.com  $13.35M 
Traka Resources Ltd (ASX: TKL)www.trakaresources.com  $5.06M 
Todd River Resources Ltd (ASX: TRT)www.trrltd.com.au  $7.57M 
Venus Metals Corporation Ltd (ASX: VMC)www.venusmetals.com.au  $25.82M 
Vulcan Energy Resources Ltd (ASX: VUL)www.v-er.com  $912.25MQueried Feb 26
Woomera Mining Ltd (ASX: WML)www.woomeramining.com.au  $17.40M 
Zenith Minerals Ltd (ASX: ZNC)www.zenithminerals.com.au  $79.13M 

As an aside, if I was responsible for responding to the above query, I would also publish that response to the ASX and include it on the website for an ongoing reference.

Appendix A: Rare Earths Table

Rare Earths Company (Ticker link to Share Price History)Web SiteMkt Cap AUS$
(Feb 26 2023)
ESG Response
Alpha Hpa Limited (ASX: A4N)www.Alphahpa.com.au  $570.39MQueried Feb 15
ABX Group Limited (ASX: ABX)www.abxgroup.com.au  $29.07M 
Alkane Resources Limited (ASX: ALK)www.alkane.com.au  $389.22MQueried Feb 15
Alchemy Resources Limited (ASX: ALY)www.alchemyresources.com.au  $18.85M 
American Rare Earths Limited (ASX: ARR)www.americanrareearths.com.au  $113.83MQueried Feb 15
Arafura Rare Earths Limited (ASX: ARU)www.arultd.com  $1.33BQueried Feb 15
Austin Metals Limited (ASX: AYT)www.austinmentals.com.au$6.35M
Australian Mines Limited (ASX: AUZ)www.australianmines.com.au  $26.27M 
Australian United Mining Limited (ASX: AYM)www.australianunitedmining.com.au  $5.53M 
Australian Strategic Materials Limited (ASX: ASM)www.asm-au.com  $283.40MQueried Feb 15
Encounter Resources Limited (ASX: ENR)www.encounterresorces.com.au  $49.77M 
Enova Mining Limited (ASX: ENV)www.enovamining.com  $4.69M 
Hastings Technology Metals Limited (ASX: HAS)www.hastingstechmetals.com  $329.40MQueried Feb 15
Iluka Resources Limited (ASX: ILU)www.iluka.com  $4.45BQueried Feb 15
Ionic Rare Earths Limited (ASX: IXR)www.ionicre.com.au  $131.29MQueried Feb 15
Krakatoa Resources Limited (ASX: KTA)www.ktaresources.com  $13.79M 
Legacy Iron Ore Limited (ASX: LCY)www.legacyiron.com.au  $102.51MQueried Feb 15
Lindian Resources Limited (ASX: LIN)www.lindianresources.com.au  $224.89MQueried Feb 15
Lanthanein Resources Limited (ASX: LNR)www.lanthanein.com  $22.43M 
Lynas Rare Earths Limited (ASX: LYC)www.lynasrareearths.com  $7.69BQueried Feb 15
Minbos Resources Limited (ASX: MNB)www.minbos.com  $100.12MQueried Feb 15
Mount Ridley Mines Limited (ASX: MRD)www.mtridleymines.com.au  $38.92M 
Northern Minerals Limited (ASX: NTU)www.northernminerals.com.au  $223.92MQueried Feb 15
Nova Minerals Limited (ASX: NVA)www.novaminerals.com.au  $117.63MQueried Feb 15
Orion Metals Limited (ASX: ORM)www.orionmetals.com.au  $16.35M 
Peak Rare Earths Limited (ASX: PEK)www.peakrareearths.com  $129.15MQueried Feb 15
Platina Resources Limited (ASX: PGM)www.platinaresources.com.au  $12.15M 
Prospect Resources Limited (ASX: PSC)www.prospectresources.com.au  $94.76M 
Petratherm Limited (ASX: PTR)www.petratherm.com.au  $14.41M 
RareX Limited (ASX: REE)www.clancyexploration.com  $30.13M 
Sunshine Gold Limited (ASX: SHN)www.shngold.com.au  $13.86M 
Stavely Minerals Limited (ASX: SVY)www.stavely.com.au  $83.17M 
Tempus Resources Ltd. (ASX: TMR)www.tempusresources.com.au  $12.11M 
Todd River Resources Limited (ASX: TRT)www.trrltd.com.au  $9.46M 
Venus Metals Corporation Limited (ASX: VMC)www.venusmetals.com.au  $24.93M 
Vital Metals Limited (ASX: VML)www.vitalmetals.com.au  $140.38MQueried Feb 15

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  1. Hugh Sharman Avatar
    Hugh Sharman

    Steve, thanks for this and your appreciated reply last week. I am writing from Denmark where the whole country is filled with banks and other financial institutions proudly claiming to be ESG compliant, therefore morally superior to (I suppose) what they have been during the last few hundred years.
    I am a subscriber to the Financial Times which, these days, equates ESG with personal morality in a special newsletter called “Moral Money” financed by Morgan Stanley, but whose journalists absolutely refuse to tell me what is remotely moral or immoral about their content which, as the name implies, mostly about making money!
    How do you expect mining and mineral processing companies to inform us the real meaning of ESG compliance? I remain enormously perplexed!
    And, of course, cynically amused!
    But I am grateful for your hoesty!

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