How hosting infrastructure for data centers and crypto mining operations may be the missing link

Everyone has heard of cryptocurrency mining and data centers by now; but have you heard of a company that specializes in providing low cost infrastructure (power and water) and hosting services for these sectors. Specialized crypto mining and data centers use huge amounts of electricity so sourcing cheap, reliable, and ideally green electricity is paramount. Today’s company does just that.

Energy costs are a key factor for data centers and crypto mining operations due to the large amounts of electricity needed

Source: Link Global Technologies website

Link Global Technologies Inc. (CSE: LNK) (“LINK”) operates as a Bitcoin mining business as well as providing hosting and power purchase contracts to clients. LINK provides the infrastructure and operating expertise for digital mining and data hosting operations. The Company had its origins in crypto mining using low cost electricity so it has hands on experience.

LINK’s main businesses involve:

  • LINK’s original Crypto mining business (1,400 Bitcoin mining machines).
  • Securing power purchase agreements (PPAs) for customers in data centers or crypto mining. LINK arranges scalable, cost-effective access to clean energy. LINK provides power to over 5,000 mining machines within existing operational capacity.
  • Supplying energy efficient containerized data centers.

LINK’s point of difference is energy efficiency. LINK is able to save data center or crypto mining clients money on their infrastructure costs (notably electricity and/or water bills) by providing expertise and personalized solutions for each client’s needs. LINK is able to tap into green energy sources as well as energy storage solutions.

LINK state: “Link’s staff has a combined 25 years of alternative and islanded power experience. We lead in the capture of unused energy and waste heat to generate power for the Blockchain……Link designs state of the art mobile facilities for environments spanning the globe. We have standalone solutions for every climate from the cold of Canada to the heat of Africa.

About Link Global Technologies business and how they make revenue

Source: Link Global Technologies website

Revenue generation

LINK achieves its revenue primarily from its Bitcoin mining business and also from providing hosting (can be the complete infrastructure package) and power purchase contracts to clients.

One example of how LINK’s business model works is seen in the recently announced agreement to begin building the initial 10MW site with Mission World Group. LINK states: “Link will design, build and operate the infrastructure for the operation of the Miners and will also provide management services necessary to maintain 98% uptime on the Miners. In consideration of these services, Link will work with GSV to achieve competitive rates for power and receive a profit share of mined coins.”

LINK is able to fund such operations from capital such as the announced August 2021 deal to raise $18 million via an equity facility with Alumina Partners, LLC.

LINK acquires Clean Carbon Equity (“CCE”)

As announced on November 2, 2021, LINK completed the acquisition of Clean Carbon Equity (“CCE”). The acquisition allows LINK to take steps towards providing carbon offsets in the digital economy sector, immediately acquiring cash flow and creating new long-term revenue opportunities for the Company.

LINK CEO, Stephen Jenkins, commented: “This business model creates another revenue source apart from the digital currency mining by creating verifiable offsets that we can market and monetize.”

Closing remarks

Link Global Technologies is an innovative power and infrastructure solutions provider for crypto mining, and data center operations. These operations have huge electricity and water needs, so it makes sense to get the best supply deals. Increasingly this also involves sourcing green energy and energy storage backup systems, and now carbon credits.

LINK has experience being a Bitcoin miner and has gained the skills and IP to be able to assist others. LINK’s revenues are coming in from their Bitcoin mining business and their electricity supply contracts. Given the demand growth from crypto mining and data centers it stands to reason that LINK will capture an increasing number of these energy/infrastructure supply contracts.

Link Global Technologies trades on a market cap of ~C$10 million. One to follow in the exciting space of crypto and data center infrastructure providers. Stay tuned.

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