Kobo Resources Strikes Gold in Côte d’Ivoire

West Africa’s gold-rich terrains have long enticed mining aficionados from across the globe. Positioned at the forefront of the latest gold rush in this region is Kobo Resources Inc. (TSXV: KRI), a burgeoning exploration force that has recently unveiled some glittering discoveries in Côte d’Ivoire.

Having freshly debuted on the TSXV on March 31, 2023, Kobo, a junior Canadian exploration and mining development entity, is hard at work in the gold-laden landscapes of Côte d’Ivoire. This West African district, bounteous in its gold offerings, has become the cynosure for Kobo’s explorative gaze.

Rewind a bit, and you’d find that the momentum for Kobo began building up in November 2019. It was then that the company secured the ‘Kossou Permit’, a critical research validation synonymous with a mining claim in Côte d’Ivoire. This permit became the starting whistle for a series of aggressive exploration undertakings. Soil and rock sampling, meticulous geological mapping, and trenching activities were initiated, which led to the identification of several gold-rich zones. The Jagger Zone, in particular, emerged as a veritable treasure trove, revealing trench gold values of 6.42 g/t Au over a commendable 29.0 m stretch.

Fast forward to today, and Kobo has more golden news to share. Their recent press release offers a deep dive into the promising outcomes of their initial drilling at the Kossou Gold Project. This intense drilling phase, spanning 5,887 meters across 53 reverse circulation (RC) drill holes, was wrapped up in an impressive duration of less than five weeks. Two zones, the Road Cut Zone and the Jagger Zone, have emerged as the stars of this exploration story.

In the Road Cut Zone, an extensive 850 m strike has brought forth significant gold mineralisation, showcasing findings such as 8 m at 3.18 g/t Au and a longer stretch of 13 m at 2.10 g/t Au. Add to this the prospect of a 500 m stretch, ripe with gold geochemical hints, waiting to be delved into.

The Jagger Zone continues the narrative of abundance, with every drilled hole in its 1,400 m strike revealing gold mineralisation. The standout metric here is an impressive 6 m at 4.31 g/t Au.

However, the story doesn’t end here. Enter the Kadie Zone, Kobo’s latest point of focus, showcasing across a combined strike length of 750 m. Edward Gosselin, the CEO and Director of Kobo commended the geological team for the impressive results in such a brief time period.

Zooming out a bit, it’s essential to note the strategic positioning of the 100%-owned Kossou Gold Project. Nestled about 20 km northwest of Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire’s capital, the project is in good company, rubbing shoulders with one of the region’s premier gold mines, armed with state-of-the-art processing facilities.

As the calendar pages flip towards the latter part of 2023, Kobo is gearing up for additional drilling, aiming to spotlight significant gold zones just beneath the surface. With a rich portfolio of gold prospects and a leadership team seasoned in the nuances of in-country operations, Kobo is certainly shaping up to be a potential golden goose, indeed.

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