Thunderstruck’s Bryce Bradley on the zinc supply crunch

March 20, 2018 – “We all know that there is a supply crunch. There is a lot of demand for zinc and it is probably going to go on for a long time. They need the metals and we have them.” states Bryce Bradley, CEO, President and Co-founding Director of Thunderstruck Resources Ltd. (TSXV: AWE), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Andy Gaudry.

Andy Gaudry: Can you give us an update on your projects in Fiji? 

Bryce Bradley: We just announced recently the results of our copper porphyry. We did some work on it just before Christmas. All the results came in showing that it is at least a kilometer in size and open at depth. We do not know how deep it is. We are going to go back, in the next month or two and do some mapping and IP on the porphyry. The two high-grade zinc-copper assets that we have that were drilled by Anglo, we are in talks here at PDAC to do joint ventures on those two assets as well as the copper porphyry in fact. The gold asset that we did some work on recently we are going to go back again in April. It needs some more surface work. Our season runs from April to November. We will be back on the ground very soon.

Andy Gaudry: That is wonderful. How is the gold market chats here at PDAC this year?

Bryce Bradley: It has been more about zinc I would say. 

Andy Gaudry: Touch on zinc.

Bryce Bradley: A lot of the Japanese and Chinese, in particular, have been approaching us for our zinc assets and copper, but primarily the zinc actually. That might be the first deal that we do would be in the zinc assets. We all know that there is a supply crunch. There is a lot of demand for zinc and it is probably going to go on for a long time. They need the metals and we have them.

Andy Gaudry: That is what your shareholders are looking to hear.

Bryce Bradley: It is. I think 2018 is going to be our year finally. We have all the permits in place. We can sign a deal tomorrow or as soon as a group does their due diligence we are ready to go with landowner agreements and we have our license renewals. We are completely set as soon as we can get on the ground right after Easter.

Andy Gaudry: Wonderful. For Thunderstruck, what do your shareholders expect in the next quarter or two?

Bryce Bradley: The next quarter I know they want to see us do drilling. Currently we are not going to do the drilling ourselves. It is very expensive and the copper porphyry is very deep and we do not know exactly how large it is yet. It needs some real love on it. We do want to get a drill program underway with a partner hopefully and we would like to drill off 1 or 2 ourselves after we get a healthier share price as soon as we get some more momentum going, which is 2018 I believe.

Andy Gaudry: There is word that there was an announcement that you made on your advisory board.

Bryce Bradley: Yes. I am very excited to say we now have Tookie Angus on our advisory board. We are very technically sound. We have two new board members that are geologists, Lawrence Roulston and Linnea von Hessert…to access the complete interview, click here

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