Vangold’s King on one of the highest grade silver and gold producing mines in Mexico

“The property that you have, El Pinguico, is a historic silver and gold mining asset.” — starts Peter Clausi of InvestorIntel in an interview with Cameron King, CEO, President and Director of Vangold Mining Corp. (TSXV: VAN).

Cameron King: The El Pinguico mine was one of the highest grade producing mines at the turn of the century. It ran from 1906 to 1913. It was a forced shutdown from a little revolution out here in Mexico that pitchforks and machetes chased all Americans, Brits and Spanish away. It has been sitting there for 100 years owned by one family. They kept it. We made the acquisition December 14th last year. It was approved by the Exchange in April this year.

Peter Clausi: Do you have access to the historical mine production records?

Cameron King: Our database is very significant. All the assays, the tunnels, the method of mining, the grades, the old reports we have them all. That was basically why we acquired the property, was the historical data on the high-grade and the system that was all developed around here. Mining is in the DNA of this area that is for sure.

Peter Clausi: I see what looks like a Gantt chart behind you for Vangold Mining.

Cameron King: That is our timelines. I work by results, results planning instead of planning it all out. We pick dates out in the future and work back and say this is the date we are going to meet it by. We started that with our team and our directors the end of March/April and we are right on schedule with our strategy…to access the complete interview, click here

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  1. Kelly Bird Avatar
    Kelly Bird

    Loved learning about the long history of the El Pinguico mine! Looking forward to hearing about what happens in 2018 with Vangold!

  2. Intrigued Investor Avatar
    Intrigued Investor

    Engaging interview, always appreciate the opportunity to “meet” the company players. My watchlist is getting long … having added Vangold today. Appreciate the Intel.

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