dynaCERT Announces Global Sales in 4th Quarter 2022

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December 19, 2022 (Source) – dynaCERT Inc(TSX: DYA) (OTCQX: DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) (“dynaCERT” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce substantial upturn of its 4th Quarter 2022 sales, primarily reflecting repeated international sales from existing clients and new sales in multiple applications.

These repeat dynaCERT sales follow several successful initial pilot projects in a variety of applications by several global companies applying HydraGEN™ Technology which is designed to improve fuel consumption and significantly reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s).

dynaCERT has been successful in offering its HydraGEN™ Technology in a diversity of markets because of its distinct line of products which includes the following models: HG1 model designed for 10 to 15 litre diesel engines; HG2 model, designed for 1 to 8 litre diesel engines; HG4C designed for 30 to 60 litre diesel engines, HG6C designed for 60 to 90 litre diesel engines.

To date, these 4th Quarter 2022 sales represent one hundred and thirty-seven (137) confirmed orders of the Company’s HydraGEN™ Technology of which one hundred and twelve (112) have been delivered and twenty-five (25) confirmed orders which are scheduled for early 2023 delivery.

The following list shows sales volume in 4th Quarter 2022 by product model type and use of HydraGEN™ Technology:

Seventy-Three (73) HG1, Ontario Utility Company Vehicles
Five (5) HG1, Ontario Municipality Trucks and Equipment
Five (5) HG2, Ontario Municipality Trucks and Equipment
Five (5) HG1, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Highway Service Vehicles
Two (2) HG2, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Highway Service Vehicles
Six (6) HG1, Alberta Oil Company, Drilling Rigs in Canada
Sixteen (16) HG1, Australia, Road Trains
Six (6) HG2, Mexico, Trucking
Two (2) HG4C, Argentina, Mining
Four (4) HG6C, Voisey’s Bay Mine, Mining Generator
Three (3) HG6C, Chile, Mining
Nine (9) HG1, Trucking and Locomotive in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal)
Two (2) HG2, Trucking in Europe

Ed Cordeiro, Director of Sales, Americas, of dynaCERT, stated, “Considerable effort by dynacert’s product development team over the course of 2022 has resulted in our HydraGEN™ Technology being modified and adapted to the unique specific needs of multiple industries. As a result of these on-going energies, dynaCERT now has HydraGEN™ Technology systems installed on Mining Vehicles, Oil Field Drill Rigs and Fracking Pumps, Road Trains Australia, Large Power Generation Equipment, Rail as well as our traditional markets of Local and Long Haul Transportation. dynaCERT’s sales department continues to build momentum in these sectors and exploring other markets in order to achieve a diversified user base with a global impact.”

Jim Payne, President and CEO of dynaCERT, stated, “I would like to take this time to recognize all the hard work and clever efforts that have resulted in such noteworthy technology advancements which results in dynaCERT now achieving repeated sales from our diverse base of customers and dealers world-wide.

Because of the strong commitments and ingenious inputs from our dealers and customers, our team has been able to upgrade, modify and customize our technology to accommodate so many different applications. Our team of engineers and staff have worked diligently to ensure that our product line can meet a diversity of needs and become robust to withstand the rigorous challenges that have been faced in deploying our technology under rigorous operating conditions around the globe.

I feel proud and confident that we have a commercialized and proven product line that is now helping improve many of today’s climate change requirements. Our products are designed to improve fuel economy and improve engine performance while achieving significant Carbon Emission Reductions and mitigating Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s). By achieving such deliverables, our patented HydraGEN™ and HydraLytica™ product lines are evidencing how our products can facilitate companies achieve their ESG goals while also benefitting with our current application process to register future Carbon Credits having world wide recognition.”

dynaCERT has received the Smart Sustainable Company Rating Seal after a rigorous analysis of Triple-A Analytics GmbH of Austria. This honourable distinction of dynaCERT and its HydraGEN™ Technology as it applies to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and United Nations Global Compact Principles, has been evaluated as “high”, the highest global ranking in its category.

About dynaCERT Inc.

dynaCERT Inc. manufactures and distributes Carbon Emission Reduction Technology along with its proprietary HydraLytica™ Telematics, a means of monitoring fuel consumption and calculating GHG emissions savings designed for the tracking of possible future Carbon Credits for use with internal combustion engines. As part of the growing global hydrogen economy, our patented technology creates hydrogen and oxygen on-demand through a unique electrolysis system and supplies these gases through the air intake to enhance combustion, which has shown to lower carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Our technology is designed for use with many types and sizes of diesel engines used in on-road vehicles, reefer trailers, off-road construction, power generation, mining and forestry equipment. Website: www.dynaCERT.com.


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