Karbon-X Corp Enters Agreement to Purchase 50,000 Carbon Offsets from SCB Group, Switzerland, and to Support Future Carbon Offset Generating Projects

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May 1, 2023 (Source) — Karbon-X Corp (OTC Pink:KARX), a pioneering carbon marketing and project development company, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to purchase carbon offsets from SCB Group, based in Switzerland, and to support the projects generating these offsets in the future.

KARX and SCB will collaborate to offer a sales platform for the offsets through the Karbon-X APP, which will provide funds to expand the projects when subscribers select them as their preferred offset strategy.

Chad Clovis, CEO of Karbon-X, described the Karbon-X APP as a platform that “not only enables subscribers to offset their footprint but also allows them to choose and support an offset strategy they feel enthusiastic about and share it on social media. Strategies include Innovation, Energy, Earth, Air, and Water, catering to various passions such as tree planting or air purification.” He added, “Every subscriber using the APP and selecting a strategy can be confident that a portion of their funds will be used to expand that strategy and promote green project development within our system. Their choice matters, and we are paying attention.”

About Karbon-X Corp

Karbon-X is a technology-driven carbon marketing company specializing in selling carbon credits directly to businesses or through its proprietary APP to individuals. It invests in projects with the potential to generate carbon credits and fosters an online social media community to promote change and growth in the green economy.

About SCB Group

SCB operates as either a principal or arranger of transactions in scalable environmental markets with qualified counterparties. Its target customers can achieve their goals with minimal cost and administration. SCB’s commitment to a low-carbon future is central to its approach. https://starcb.com

On behalf of Karbon-X Corp For more information, visit http://www.karbon-x.com or contact: Chad Clovis [email protected] +1-250-608-5435

For investor information, please contact: Marita Dautel Executive Vice President [email protected] +1-587-222-1583

SOURCE: Karbon-X Project Inc.

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