Driving to deliver on their 800M mask coatings per month demand, ZEN Graphene up 746% over the past year


ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. (TSXV: ZEN) (‘ZEN’) continues to move at a rapid pace with demand for their graphene biocidal coating through the roof. Following successful product and cytotoxicity trials demand for ZEN’s graphene biocidal coating is coming from personal protective equipment (PPE) and air filtration manufacturers.

ZEN’s biocidal coating method, applications, & quick facts


March was a super busy month for ZEN

On March 2, 2021 ZEN announced successful Phase 2 cytotoxicity testing results. The announcement was excellent news stating: “Nucro-Technics recorded no adverse effects after seven days of repeated dosing with concentrations many thousands of times higher than those found to be 99.9% effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.”

On March 3, 2021 ZEN reported: “ZEN Graphene Solutions and Trebor Rx Corp. announce successful Health Canada testing requirements of surgical masks.”

Equally as spectacular news came on March 17, 2021 when ZEN announced  successful testing of its graphene compound against antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. ZEN stated:

Successful testing results of its patent-pending graphene-based compound against four gram-positive and nine gram-negative bacteria with antimicrobial-resistance (AMR), including multidrug-resistant variants like methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Testing was completed under the direction of Dr. Tony Mazzulli, MD, FRCPC, FACP, Microbiologist-in-Chief and Infectious Disease Specialist at University Health Network/Mount Sinai Hospital, following initial breakthrough results demonstrating that the compound is 99.9% effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi……Dr. Mazzulli, MD, commented: “The test results indicate that ZEN’s Graphene Compound (GC) at very low concentrations is capable of inhibiting a variety of gram-positive and gram-negative antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) aerobic bacteria. These pathogens are associated with a number of difficult-to-treat clinical infections including those involving the respiratory tract, urinary tract, skin and soft tissues, and bacteremia…..The relatively low concentrations of this GC required to achieve an antimicrobial effect is also promising.”

Translation of the above news releases: ZEN’s graphene biocidal compound is highly effective, even at low concentrations, and there are no adverse side effects (at least based on the studies to date).

ZEN is supply constrained as demand is through the roof

Demand is way more than what ZEN can supply right now. Somewhat like Tesla with their revolutionary electric vehicles being supply constrained. ZEN is already partnering with Trebor on a 100M mask agreement, with ZEN supplying their biocidal coating and Trebor manufacturing the masks.

To meet surging demand, ZEN announced on March 24, 2021, their biocidal coating production plans. ZEN stated:

“ZEN successfully transitioned from bench scale to pilot scale and has begun investing in additional pilot-scale capacity to help meet immediate demands. This intermediate step will significantly increase our current capacity to supply the demand from Trebor RX and provide product for new customers while the design and construction of our industrial-scale expansion continues with our engineering firm, Bantrel.”

But wait it gets even better. ZEN published their proposed 2021 ‘monthly’ production numbers as shown below. If all goes to plan, ZEN plan to be producing their biocidal coating for a staggering 800 million masks a month by November 2021.


ZEN is currently raising C$3M to help fund their rapid expansion. The offer is at C$2.50 per unit, with a unit including one share and one warrant exercisable at C$3.00 per share for a period of 24 months from the date of issuance.

In a final piece of good news from March, ZEN announced on March 4: “ZEN Graphene Solutions and Constance Lake First Nation sign implementation agreement for Albany Project development.” The agreement is another important milestone in the development of ZEN’s Albany Graphite Deposit.

Closing remarks

We are living in truly remarkable times with COVID-19 now claiming 127,794,740 confirmed cases and 2,796,727 deaths. Thank goodness companies such as ZEN Graphene Solutions are working so fast to help protect the world from COVID-19 and other terrible infectious diseases.

ZEN Graphene Solutions (market cap C$218M) is up 746% over the past year, but if they can deliver on their 800M mask coatings per month and other opportunities, then the market cap and stock price could potentially move significantly higher. Stay tuned to this great story in 2021.

Disclosure: The author is long ZEN Graphene Solutions.

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