A Candid CMI Conversation: The Realities of the Israel Conflict


Amidst a background of escalating tensions and surprises in the Israel conflict, two eminent figures from the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI), took a moment to discuss the on-ground realities. Melissa Sanderson, based in Phoenix, Arizona, engaged in a heartfelt discussion with Lara Smith, who is currently experiencing the situation firsthand in Netanya, Israel.

Ground Realities

Lara provided a vivid picture of the alarming situation in Israel. “It’s far from a typical weekend. The town, usually bustling, is now eerily silent,” she shared. People are limiting their outdoor activities, with many glued to the news, trying to grasp the unfolding events. Such a stark contrast from the norm shows the severity of the present situation.

The Unforeseen

The escalation brought to light some significant defense failures on Israel’s part. Despite being known for its intelligence prowess, Israel was caught off-guard by the methods Hamas used to both infiltrate and exit Israeli territories. This new dimension has not only shed light on Israel’s potential tactical vulnerabilities but may also signal a shift in its strategy towards Hamas and Gaza.

Hamas’s Evolution

Since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, Hamas has evolved into a quasi-state entity. Previous skirmishes with Israel had been less intense and shorter. This surprise attack, perhaps deliberately coinciding with the Yom Kippur War’s anniversary, has undoubtedly shocked Israel’s defense establishment.

The Philadelphia Corridor

Lara, with her insight and expertise, emphasized a critical aspect of the conflict. “All of the weapons and money from Iran are being smuggled into Gaza through the Philadelphia Corridor. This land connects Sinai to Gaza,” she highlighted. She further shed light on the laxity shown by the Egyptian border control, pointing at their possible bribery.

She stressed, “If Israel really wants to end this war, we have to control the Philadelphia Corridor and cut off Gaza from Egypt. If we don’t, Gaza will continually receive new weapons and resources.”

Addressing the unexpected moves by Hamas, Lara continued, “They’ve been training with bulldozers for the last month. We misjudged it as regular training, but this time, they broke through the fence.” She also highlighted the surprise attacks from the sea, showcasing Israel’s potential defense lapses.

A Way Forward

While the conversation shed light on the present challenges, Melissa’s concern was palpable, “God forbid. Our thoughts are with you, Lara. We hope you and your family can find safety.”

As the conflict continues, with potential involvement from groups like Hezbollah, the stakes are higher than ever. The conversation between Melissa and Lara not only highlighted the personal experiences and fears of those living amidst the conflict but also emphasized the broader geopolitical implications for Israel.

As members of the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI), their insights offer a unique perspective, intertwining personal narratives with expert analysis. As the world watches, it’s conversations like these that are intended to provide depth and understanding to the complexities of the conflict.

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