American Clean Resources Group’s Tawana Bain on Smart Mining and Waste-to-Energy Technologies

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June 5, 2024 — In a recent interview with InvestorNews host Pat Bolland, Tawana Bain, CEO, and Director of American Clean Resources Group, Inc. (OTC: ACRG), discussed the importance of ACRG’s newly established Environmental Sustainability Board, which consists of experts in mining, renewable energy, and finance. “I hope that the board’s collective expertise will play a crucial role in how we shape up the strategic direction for the organization,” Bain stated, indicating her reliance on their guidance to advance smart mining and waste-to-energy technologies.

Bain also elaborated on the company’s recent well water purchase agreement with Road and Highway Builders LLC in Nevada, which supports their highway project. This initiative not only demonstrates ACRG’s capability to mobilize resources but also underscores their commitment to sustainability. By using well water, the project can reduce reliance on municipal water supplies and maintain surrounding ecosystems. Bain remarked, “It aligns perfectly with the narrative around our mantra of cleaning up America while building America.” Additionally, Bain discussed the innovative approach of transferring federal tax credits to individual investors to enhance the financial viability of renewable energy projects, describing it as a strategy to accelerate project timelines and boost investor confidence.

Furthermore, Bain touched on ACRG’s acquisition of Swiss Community, an organization focused on water quality improvement technologies. This acquisition aligns with ACRG’s long-term vision for environmental sustainability and aims to deploy these technologies across their operations. Bain expressed her enthusiasm for the potential of these technologies to address water security issues and improve community engagement. Looking ahead, she mentioned the company’s focus on exploring new projects and partnerships in the renewable energy sector, particularly in solar energy expansion and green retrofitting of facilities, reflecting ACRG’s ongoing commitment to ecological and social responsibility.

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About American Clean Resources Group, Inc.

American Clean Resources Group (OTC: ACRG), an environmentally sustainable development platform, is at the forefront of renewable and environmental development in the United States, through comprehensive Resource Management and processing of precious minerals and metals in a carbon-neutral and environmentally safe manner. Dedicated to revolutionizing the new American Supply Chain by aiming to deliver goods with a net-zero environmental impact, ACRG is committed to advancing climate change reduction, strengthening the American Supply Chain, and aiming to lead one of the largest renewable energy projects in the U.S. ACRG leverages existing assets and pursues strategic acquisitions across air, water, and land domains to benefit both public and private properties within the United States.

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