CMI Masterclass: The Middle East’s Escalating Investment Interest in Africa’s Critical Minerals


The “CMI Masterclass: The Middle East’s Escalating Investment Interest in Africa’s Critical Minerals” hosted by Tracy Weslosky, Director of the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI), brought together a panel of experts including CMI Directors Melissa “Mel” Sanderson, Jack Lifton, and Russell Fryer. The masterclass delved into the growing trend of Middle Eastern investment in Africa’s critical minerals sector. The discussion opened with an exploration of why this trend is significant for investors and the global market. The panelists examined the reasons behind the Middle Eastern capital flow towards Africa’s rich mineral resources, emphasizing its strategic importance in the global supply chain and the potential it holds for reshaping the critical minerals industry.

The conversation then shifted to the implications of this trend for American companies, particularly those committed to sustainability. A key question raised was whether Middle Eastern investments in Africa could influence or deter support from the American investment community. This part of the discussion also touched upon the competitive dynamics between China and the Middle East in Africa, considering their respective investment strategies and objectives.

Finally, the masterclass addressed the broader impacts of Middle Eastern investments in the sector, using the example of Robert Friedland’s company, which received a significant investment from the Middle East. This case study led to a discussion on the potential positives and negatives of attracting Middle Eastern capital. While acknowledging the immediate financial benefits, the panelists debated the long-term implications of such investments. They explored the strategic, economic, and geopolitical ramifications, weighing the short-term gains against possible long-term challenges. This comprehensive analysis provided a nuanced understanding of the complex interplay between investment, sustainability, and global geopolitics in the critical minerals sector. To enjoy the full CMI Masterclass, click here

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    Eugene B.

    Excellent Master Class! Very interesting and timely discussion.
    I very much enjoyed it.

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