Critical Minerals Corner with Jack Lifton – Impact of Biden Admin on Rare Earths

In the first episode of the Critical Minerals Corner with Jack Lifton, Jack talks about if there is going to be any change in the focus on critical materials under the Joe Biden administration.

In this InvestorIntel video, which may also be viewed on YouTube (click here to subscribe to the InvestorIntel Channel), Jack went on to explain the role of bureaucracy and the US Federal government to drive policies on critical materials to make the US independent of China for critical materials.

Speaking on the electric vehicles sector, Jack said, “The big drive in the US is to get the price of the batteries down.” He continued, “If I were an investor, I would be looking at batteries, battery management, battery raw materials, and also the raw materials for solar panels and wind turbines because these are big pushes by the US government.” He further added, “You can store energy with lithium, cobalt, nickel and manganese. But you can’t make anything move without rare earth permanent magnets.” Speaking on the Department of the Interior’s list of critical materials he explained why copper should be on the list.

To watch the full interview, click here

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6 responses

  1. Ron Malashewski Avatar
    Ron Malashewski

    It’s always great to hear Jack’s perspective.

    I am one of those “old enough” to remember that period between 2007-2010.

    I remember some of the discussions that I had with Jack back then regarding the outlook for rare earths.

    At that time, from the research that I read, no one predicted the demand for, or the proliferation of electric vehicles that we are seeing now.

    This is déjà vu. Back in 2007-2010 Molycorp rose to be the darling of the US rare earths sector, ultimately pushing $80 before the collapse and eventual bankruptcy.

    As well, during the early days, there were only a handful of rare earth explorers and developers in North America and Australia at that time. Then came the flood of mineral exploration companies into the market changing their names to something related to rare earths, to jump on that train. Come the collapse, most of them dropped out of the scene.

    But, look at where we are now. Molycorp has been resurrected under MP Materials, there remain only a handful of (more advanced) rare earth developers and, China is still in control.

    And, look at the fundamentals… more compelling than ever. I think the future looks great for the sector.

    I lived in Calgary in the 80’s during the old boom, and collapse. After the collapse, there were actually bumper stickers that said “Please God, let there be another oil boom. This time we won’t piss it away”.

    Perhaps that can be said about the rare earth sector, this time around…

    Jack, I always appreciate your perspective and perseverance in this sector.

  2. Tom Zabian Avatar
    Tom Zabian

    Ucore is the only clear choice on US SOIL that has the heavys
    What is the problem with Ucore of any?

    1. Stewart McKay Avatar
      Stewart McKay

      Tom Ucore is on a heater, they are up 2x in the last week. Alaska’s AIDEA is showing strong interest in an SMC plant…sit tight i think they are on the brink of something big! We should know soon if DOD funding will be coming Ucore’s way.

  3. Stewart McKay Avatar
    Stewart McKay

    Jack, hypothetically, what do you think the chance is of an amalgamation with Ucore and Mountain Pass. I ask this because Ucore if loaded with heavies, MP with lights, infrastructure and lots of cash. Also Ucore is on the brink on proving Rapid SX technology and AIDEA funding for an SMC plant in Alaska. Lastly, why do you believe Ucore has increased share price 2 fold in the last week? Would it be AISEA’S commitment to the SMC plant? Thanks Jack

    1. bob ohneiser Avatar
      bob ohneiser

      With all the SPAC funding MP got they would be nuts not to look at processing capability of UURAF for merger or outright acquisition. There are a lot more places to extract these precious RE’s than having to dig them out of the ground so the processing capability of UCORE seems to have strategic significance IMHO.

  4. Joe O Avatar
    Joe O

    Been a ucore “ investor” for a decade. These guys haven’t proved a thing in a decade. So I would really have to see rapid proven with commercial demo and get actual,license deals to believe anything. Also bokan has heavies but is a tiny deposit. Odds are it doesn’t go forward. 10 years life, never get sunk costs back.

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