Groundbreaking Discovery for Ionic Clays: Appia’s PCH Project Signals a New Era for Rare Earth Exploration

Rare Earth Elements (REEs) have been the backbone of the modern tech revolution, powering everything from our smartphones to electric cars and renewable energy technologies. Appia Rare Earths & Uranium Corp. (CSE: API | OTCQX: APAAF), a leading player in the exploration and mining of REEs, has recently made a groundbreaking discovery that could have significant global implications.

A Remarkable Achievement in Rare Earth Exploration

Appia has announced an extraordinary high-grade Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) intersection at its PCH Ionic Clay Project in Brazil. Spanning 24 meters from top to bottom, this discovery is unique in its depth of mineralization and the grade of rare earth oxides it contains. According to recent reports, the hole returned 27,188 ppm or 2.72% TREO over 24 metres, including 6,293 ppm or 0.63% Magnet Rare Earth Oxides (MREO) and 1,369 ppm or 0.14% Heavy Rare Earths Oxides (HREO). Tom Drivas, CEO of Appia, stated, “The data released today reveals an unprecedented concentration of TREO over the entire hole.”

In an interview with Stephen Burega, President of Appia, he emphasized the strategic importance of this discovery. “The results show we’re tapping into a new potential for ionic clays,” he remarked. Given the impressive outcomes from other ionic clay structures in South America, especially Brazil, the data from the PCH project stands out as a monumental development for Appia and the global REE industry.

Unraveling the Potential of a High-Grade Mineralized Zone

There is growing optimism about the potential of discovering a larger high-grade mineralized zone. Stephen Burega elaborated on the importance of expanding the exploration in the southwest quadrant of Target 4. With consistent results and multiple holes left to explore, there are high expectations for further discoveries.

Addressing the depth limitations encountered at the water table in hole 63, Burega said, “The mineralization remained consistent throughout. Our next steps involve completing the remaining holes in this area.”

Aligning Global Projects for Strategic Advantage

When asked about the alignment between Appia’s various global projects, Burega emphasized the company’s unique position, with both high-grade hard rock and ionic clay assets. The PCH project in Brazil is complemented by projects in Saskatchewan and Elliot Lake, Ontario. “Each site has its dedicated team – the Brazilian team for the PCH project and the Canadian team for the uranium and rare earth endeavors in Saskatchewan. Both teams are incredibly competent, positioning us favorably in the market,” Burega added.

A Pleasant Surprise and Anticipated Analysis

Reflecting on the recent results, Burega admitted that while the team always believed in the asset’s potential, the magnitude of its success came as a pleasant surprise. The focus is now on metallurgy and mineralogy, with expectations of consistent results across the site.

As for the comprehensive analysis of the rare earths, Appia has commissioned a detailed study at SGS Labs in Brazil. With some elements exceeding the detection limit, a re-assay of the samples is underway. Burega informed that the turnaround is typically four to five weeks, and they have over 230 more holes from various drilling methods to report.


The recent discoveries at Appia’s PCH project are not just significant for the company but have broader implications for the rare earth industry and global technology sectors dependent on these elements. With a robust exploration strategy and dedicated teams working across different geographies, Appia is poised to lead in the exploration and extraction of these critical minerals. As we await further updates, the current findings underscore the immense potential of the PCH project in reshaping the REE landscape.

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