Voyageur’s Partnership with Rain Cage Offers the Promise of Transforming Diagnostic Imaging and Healthcare Solutions


Testing to Begin of Radiology Endohedral Fullerenes, a Milestone in Nanotechnology & Drug Development

Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (TSXV: VM) is stepping into a revolutionary phase in the world of medical imaging and nanotechnology. Partnering with Rain Cage Carbon Inc., Voyageur is poised to begin testing on a commercial scale for the encapsulation of gadolinium, bismuth, and iodine within endohedral fullerenes. This advancement follows the first commercial creation of a V@C60 endohedral fullerene, a significant milestone that sets the stage for the development of highly advanced radiology contrast agents.

The work is set to begin later this month, aiming to develop processes to create Gd@C60, Bi@C60, and I@C60 endohedral fullerenes. These compounds promise to enhance the precision and clarity of MRI and CT scans significantly. The potential transformation of medical imaging through these novel compounds cannot be understated, as they offer remarkable stability, bioavailability, and reduced toxicity.

Brent Willis, CEO of Voyageur, expressed his enthusiasm about this groundbreaking initiative, stating that this collaboration with Rain Cage is a pivotal moment in medical science. Willis believes that this is just the beginning of a transformative journey towards revolutionizing healthcare solutions on a global scale. The merger of cutting-edge nanotechnology with pharmaceutical innovation positions Voyageur and Rain Cage at the forefront of medical advancements.

Endohedral fullerenes, which enclose an additional atom, ion, or cluster within their inner sphere, exhibit superior physical and electronic characteristics compared to regular fullerenes. This unique structure provides distinct advantages in radiology, including enhanced image clarity and resolution, targeted delivery, and exceptional stability and bioavailability. For instance, gadolinium endohedral fullerene shows high proton relaxivity and low toxicity, making it a promising candidate for MRI contrast agents.

The synthesis of endohedral fullerenes is complex and requires precise conditions, making them incredibly rare and valuable. However, Rain Cage Carbon has developed a method to create these high-value molecules at scale, marking an industry first. This breakthrough could open new avenues in the development of radiology contrast agents and other medical applications.

Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a Canadian public company focused on developing barium and iodine Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and high-performance imaging contrast agents. By vertically integrating the barium and iodine contrast market, Voyageur aims to become a key player by producing its own minerals. This strategy not only ensures quality and cost efficiency but also aligns with Voyageur’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The company envisions a future where reducing carbon emissions is standard practice. To achieve this, Voyageur is building state-of-the-art carbon-capture infrastructure utilizing the Rain Cage EDENTM system. By investing in carbon capture energy sources and sustainable manufacturing practices, Voyageur aims to accelerate growth and set itself apart as an industry pioneer.

Central to its operations, Voyageur owns a 100% interest in the Frances Creek barium sulphate (barite) project, boasting exceptional grade minerals suitable for the pharmaceutical marketplace. This positions Voyageur to control all primary input costs, from raw material sourcing to final production, embodying its motto of “From the Earth to the Bottle.”

Rain Cage Carbon Inc., a pioneering private Canadian company, is dedicated to decarbonizing industries by capturing CO2 and other emissions and transforming them into advanced carbon. Through its proprietary technology, EDEN™, Rain Cage offers a groundbreaking solution to combat carbon pollution, converting contaminating energy into a recyclable technology with countless applications. Voyageur’s vision of becoming the first vertically integrated company in the radiology contrast media drug market is ambitious yet achievable. By ensuring quality and cost efficiency through control of primary input costs, Voyageur stands ready to revolutionize the medical imaging landscape. As the company embarks on this journey with Rain Cage, the promise of transforming diagnostic imaging and healthcare solutions becomes ever more tangible.

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