Jack Lifton Appointed Editor-in-Chief and Co-Publisher of InvestorIntel Corp.

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Toronto, October 05, 2021 — InvestorIntel.com, ‘the stock source’ for investors in the capital markets, is pleased to announce that Critical Materials industry expert and renowned resources writer Jack Lifton has been appointed Editor-in-Chief and Co-Publisher of InvestorIntel Corp. in addition to serving on the company’s Board of Directors.

“I am delighted that Jack Lifton has taken on the key roles as Co-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of our leading online source of investor information,” said InvestorIntel founder Tracy Weslosky. “Jack will lead and manage InvestorIntel’s talented team of writers and researchers that has made us one of the industry’s most trusted independent sources of stock investment news and information.”

“Jack and I first met in 2008 as guests on CNBC’s Squawk Box in an episode on rare earths,” Weslosky continued. “I was with him in Alaska in 2011 when he coined the term ‘Technology Metals’ to describe the magnetic and EV materials’ markets that have become so important to investors. Since then Jack has been a popular speaker at more than a half a dozen of our annual Technology Metals Summits and has hosted the Critical Materials Corner series on InvestorTalk.com. His popular column for InvestorIntel often trends in the top 10 most read content on the site, and now we are pleased to have him formally in a senior management position at InvestorIntel.”

“I look forward to continuing to work with Tracy and the talented writers at InvestorIntel as Co-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief to produce top content of interest to the investment community,” said Lifton. “InvestorIntel.com has been at the forefront of bringing issues and new opportunities to investors for more than a decade through articles and video. I am very pleased to take on these new positions to continue to increase InvestorIntel’s reach as a top investor content platform.”

Jack Lifton is also the CEO of Jack Lifton, LLC and is a consultant, author, and lecturer on the market fundamentals of technology metals. He is on several technical advisory boards in the mining and metal refining sector and is also a founding co-principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC. He has advised governmental agencies both at home and abroad on metals industries supply chain issues and has done extensive due diligence on mining, refining, and the fabrication of metals for financial institutions globally. He is a member of numerous professional societies and is a frequent speaker at both professional and industry events on both the markets for technology metals and materials, and on the use of new and newly applied technologies for the extraction, refining and fabrication of rare metals and materials.

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5 responses to “Jack Lifton Appointed Editor-in-Chief and Co-Publisher of InvestorIntel Corp.”

  1. Matt Bohlsen Avatar
    Matt Bohlsen

    Congratulations Jack! I look forward to working with you.

  2. Tracy Weslosky Avatar

    Thank you, Matt – add me to the front of this line in welcoming Jack alongside with you! As we celebrate our 20-year anniversary at InvestorIntel Corp., the theme of understanding the value of relationships and building trust, which is critical to any business – is yet another reason why Jack stepping into both the Editor in Chief and Publishing role is so exciting. Jack’s experience and knowledge, not to mention his ideas and commentary, could light a fire at any company striving for journalistic integrity. Welcome aboard Jack…

  3. Rare Earths Investor Avatar
    Rare Earths Investor

    Congratulations Mr. Lifton. I look forward to your future articles which hopefully will also deal with macro issues which impinge on my area of interest, the RE sector. We have plenty of writing on individual companies, etc., but I hope you will take on the complex issues around the impact of politics along with the upcoming ROW ESG standards commitment on multinational manufacturer value chain involvement and the impact on Chinese dominance. Again, congratulations to you and investorintel.

  4. Steve Mackowski Avatar
    Steve Mackowski

    Congratulations Tracy. Jack will be a tremendous asset to the team.

  5. Tracy Avatar

    Thanks Steve, it is so nice to hear from you. Hope you are well — and let’s touch base.