Musk Twitter Deal, Predatory Short Selling Takes a Hit and Rethinking Greenland Rare Earths in this Week-in-Review….

This weekend was spent enjoying reviewing an interview with Elon Musk, hosted by Head of Ted, Chris Anderson, from April 2022. Click here to access: Elon Musk talks Twitter, Tesla and how his brain works. Seeking enlightenment on his perceived value of Twitter and the capital markets as a news media outlet, it is clear that Musk is a self-professed truthseeker. Arguing that the fortitude behind Twitter, combined with the speed to coverage, makes it an undeniable tool for freedom of speech, the backbone for democracy.

Reviewing a Forbes column on Musk’s recent sell-a-thon of Tesla shares, it is clear that whether he buys or litigates, he has the funds to do so. highlights include: (a) “Musk sold $6.88 billion in Tesla shares earlier this month, accounting for around 7.92 million shares total, reports Forbes.” (b) Adding that Musk “has sold almost $7 billion worth of Tesla stock in recent days …brings the total liquidation to over $15 billion so far this year, and almost $32 billion over the past 12 months.” And (c) “Speculation is that the funds are being gathered in order to fund Musk’s lawsuit with Twitter, and to provide capital should he be forced to pay a fine or go ahead with the purchase.”

Conclusion & Recommendation: Twitter continues to be the top social media outlet for news updates and if you’re not on it, get on it today. My vote? Musk, get in there – clean it up, and BUY it.

Sent this from a NYC financier on August 13th titled “Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Other Billionaires are Funding a Quest for Rare Minerals Buried Beneath Greenland’s Ice Capable to Build Electric Cars and Renewable Batteries” (click here to access).

Suspicious of the PR machine behind it, not to mention the experience of working with Greenland residents who make Californians look slack on environmental issues, deemed it to be both irrelevant and/or wishful thinking. Then this breaking news came out today: Hudson Resources and Neo Performance Sign Agreement on the Sarfartoq Rare Earth Element Project In Greenland (click here to access), one is driven to rethink this position.

To Do: Interview Jack Lifton on the Neo Performance/Greenland deal. Discuss the rare earths in Greenland and correct perhaps my own misconceptions on previous media coverage that the residents will not allow anyone to secure production. This to include reaching out to Dr. Ruben Shiffman from Greenland Resources Inc. (NEO: MOLY) and invite him to the Critical Minerals Summit on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

Finally, in reference to Twitter Tips, in addition to constantly reminding companies to include both their trading symbols and web URL on their “About” information on Twitter, was watching an expert explain how to be an effective Twitter user. He says that we should find a passion topic and keep our readers interested in something we are engaged in.

“Engage your reader…” is a theme repeated over and over.

Thinking about this, my favorite Twitter user is Terry Lynch of Power Nickel Inc. (TSXV: PNPN | OTCQB: CMETF) — “Canada’s Next LOW-CARBON HIGH-GRADE Nickel Mine”. Terry is behind Save Canadian Mining and is a front-runner in the market on discussions about the negative impact on the market from predatory short selling. Elon Musk specifically addresses the unprecedented levels of attacks on him and Tesla on this front, so perhaps Elon will enjoy Terry’s most recent tweet….

Terry Lynch posts this via @SCMining on Twitter and writes: @IIROCinfo has made a very important statement. This puts Investment Banks on notice – the liability for predatory naked #shortselling is on them. This is a great start to correcting a major problem in our markets (click here to access).

Now for the week in review for the week of August 15-19, 2022.

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  7. Eye on the price of uranium, Cameco brings crown jewel back into production and Ur-Energy is set to go.
  8. Lynas Bets $500 Million on Rare Earths Market Expansion
  9. China owns the Green revolution with falling prices of critical technology minerals
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    Might want to check out the private RE project – Tanbreez – in Greenland which is said to have much less environmental concern from the gov’ than that of Greenland Mins. Haven’t heard anything in quite a while about this private endeavor. GLTA – REI

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