Early Warning Report Issued Pursuant to National Instrument 62-103 in Respect of the Acquisition of Shares of Goldplay Exploration Ltd.

Gold, Silver & Base Metals

June 25, 2019 (Source) – In accordance with regulatory requirements, Mr. Marcio Fonseca, a director and the President and CEO of Goldplay Exploration Ltd. (“Goldplay” or the “Company“), reports that he has recently acquired 2,100,000 common shares of Goldplay at a price of $0.125/share pursuant to his participation in the Company’s private placement financing, and on the same day acquired 160,000 common shares of Goldplay at a deemed price of $0.125/share pursuant to completion of a debt settlement transaction with the Company.

Prior to the issuance of these shares, Mr. Fonseca owned or controlled 2,969,889 shares of Goldplay. Upon completion of these share issuances, Mr. Fonseca now has ownership and control of 5,229,889 shares representing approximately 9.9% of the outstanding shares of Goldplay on a non-diluted basis. On a partially diluted basis (assuming the exercise of all 1,267,514 stock options and 28,312 warrants held or controlled by Mr. Fonseca), Mr. Fonseca would have ownership and control over approximately 12.1% of the then issued Goldplay shares.

The shares recently acquired by Mr. Fonseca are held for investment purposes only. Mr. Fonseca may acquire additional Goldplay shares or dispose of Goldplay shares (through market or private transaction) from time to time.

A copy of the related early warning report may be obtained under Goldplay’s profile on the SEDAR website (www.sedar.com) or from Goldplay at Suite 900 – 900 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC  V6C 2W2.

Marcio Fonseca”