Fintech Select Enables Selectcoin to Provide Instant Bitcoin purchases


February 26, 2018 (Source) — Fintech Select Ltd. (“Fintech Select” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:FTEC) The Company is pleased to provide an update on their proprietary Selectcoin platform.

Selectcoin is a POS Cryptocurrency solution providing easy and hassle-free buying and/or selling of Cryptocurrencies through our retail partners. Our solution is interconnected with our Selectcoin card and POS footprint, and allows anyone to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies through a streamlined and simplified manner. Our custom and proprietary solution makes every POS Terminal a Cryptocurrency exchange.

Selectcoin has successfully launched new features that allow consumers to activate their closed loop cards and load them with cash at the POS,and purchase Bitcoin on as opposed to the previous solution which required consumers to activate the card on  and return to the POS location to load the card with cash and buy Bitcoin. Additionally, swiping and activating the Selectcoin card at the POS now activates a new wallet and allows consumers to buy Cryptocurrencies at the POS or online through These new features will be in effect today, and the website will be down in the morning during this process.

Furthermore, The Company is currently working on the cash out process that allows customers to sell their Bitcoins and settle cash on either their closed loop cards or their bank accounts.

The new Selectcoin website has been launched today, and the Company is now in a position to expand on its retail footprint with newly updated features, and has been working on activating multiple new locations. New locations will be listed on the website.

As per our bullish views on the Cryptocurrency sector, the Company has made Bitcoin purchases during the volatile cycle over the past few weeks. Although carrying inventory has not been part of our strategy, we feel that taking advantage of pricing pullbacks is advantageous to our bottom line.

Mohammad Abuleil, President and CEO of Fintech Select commented on these new developments, “We strongly feel with the evolution of these new features and consumer options, we are taking our Selectcoin solution to the next level for consumer ease and scalability.”

About Fintech Select Ltd.

Fintech Select is a provider of robust and disruptive Pre-Paid Card programs, mobile banking solutions and Cryptocurrency technologies. Fintech Select has enabled these core assets which operate through separate divisions to work together harmoniously to create a new and ubiquitous environment for consumers and businesses alike. Fintech select also operates an international call centre that provides fulfillment and customer service support to customers across all three platforms mentioned. Our mission is to provide customers with choice, convenience and cost-effective ways to facilitate traditional and crypto financial transactions.