Ideanomics Launches New JUSTLY Markets Platform for Transparent ESG-Based Investing and Fundraising, Appoints 20-Year Fidelity Executive Paul Karrlsson-Willis to Chief Executive Officer

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  • JUSTLY Markets is an equity crowdfunding platform for investors of all incomes to find and invest, with a minimum of $100 in early-growth private companies and startups, including Regulation A, Regulation D and CF offerings
  • Focused on founders and fundraising, JUSTLY Markets plans to provide a premium platform to showcase diversity, sustainability, and social consciousness to a growing pool of passionate investors who share the same values
  • JUSTLY Markets, a corporate rebrand of Delaware Board of Trade Holdings, Inc. (“DBOT”), is on the path to becoming a certified ESG company

November 12, 2021 (Source) — Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) today announced that its Capital division, focused on disruptive solutions for the financial services industry, has launched a new brand, JUSTLY Markets, a FINRA and SEC registered impact investing broker-dealer focused on helping investors and advisors gain access to environmental, social and governance (ESG) based investments. JUSTLY Markets LLC, formerly Delaware Board of Trade (DBOT), plans to provide a curated crowdfunding equity platform of private impact investments to advisors, registered investment advisors, family offices, angels, and accredited and non-accredited investors from all income levels. JUSTLY also plans to provide founders seeking to fundraise up to $500+ million with a community of avid supporters and angel investors who are committed to ESG-focused companies and initiatives.

JUSTLY Markets, a FINRA and SEC registered impact investing broker-dealer focused on helping investors and advisors gain access to environmental, social and governance (ESG) based investments

JUSTLY’s brand promise is to bring transparency to the crowdfunding equity market, which has a reputation for being potentially overwhelming to new investors, to ensure they’re able to make an impact every time they invest. Investors and founders who are concerned about the future of our planet will be able to turn to JUSTLY to receive access to research and other pertinent information from well-respected independent third-party companies on ESG, fundraising and other related topics. The objective is to significantly reduce the time-intensive research process involved in making socially responsible investments and fundraising decisions. The JUSTLY platform will also offer investment opportunities that are not ESG, and JUSTLY will donate a percentage of the fees earned on these transactions to an ESG charity. This allows all users of the platform to rest assured that every time someone invests or raises money via JUSTLY, they will be making a positive impact through their transaction.

“JUSTLY is reflective of our rapid growth and our approach to advance how our socially conscious investors and companies invest and fundraise,” said Alf Poor, chief executive officer of Ideanomics. “It underscores our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and the ESG movement that’s sweeping the globe, focused solely on helping people find socially responsible ways of investing in companies that share their same values. Going forward, we aim to grow our platform significantly through investors and founders, and the companies who currently feel passionately and want to act on their civic responsibility to better our planet. I am pleased to welcome Paul to the Ideanomics team as the CEO of JUSTLY and want to congratulate them on the powerful and compelling new branding work.”

Paul Karrlsson-Willis is the newly appointed CEO of JUSTLY. He has decades of experience working in the financial industry. Coming from a 20-year career at Fidelity, Paul built the global equity business at Fidelity in the UK within three months and in the United States where he was solely responsible for growing Fidelity Capital Markets into a multi-currency capable broker-dealer. He has market proven success to build, structure and negotiate across multiple business units, skills which will help to rapidly scale JUSTLY.

“I’ve been trusted throughout my career to build multiple businesses from the ground up, many of which have had products that have gone on to be the best of breed,” says Paul Karrlsson-Willis, CEO of Justly. “When Alf approached me with his vision for JUSTLY and the opportunity to execute it, I grabbed it with both hands. There are so many ways JUSTLY will make an impact, whether by allowing our users to support ESG, minority, veteran and disability-owned companies who are leading positive change in the world, or enabling them to easily research, select and support various non-profit institutions. It’s an amazing feeling getting up every morning knowing what you do that day can make a real impact, and that’s exactly what JUSTLY was designed to do on a broad scale.”

JUSTLY Markets can be found at with more information on our mission, how to become an investor, and how to connect with us over social channels.

JUSTLY Markets LLC serves as an impact broker-dealer by vetting and curating investment opportunities with strong growth potential and meeting environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards so people can invest thoughtfully, transparently, and justly.

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