NanoSphere Health Sciences Secures Patent For Groundbreaking Nanoparticle Delivery of Cannabis

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July 24, 2018 (Source) — Biotech leader now owns first and only cannabis nanoparticle delivery system in North America

NanoSphere Health Sciences LLC (CSE: NSHS) (OTC: NSHSF) has been awarded a breakthrough patent, granting the biotech innovator full ownership over the standardized delivery of cannabis into systemic circulation through phospholipid nanoparticle technology. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent No. 10,028,919 today, covering NanoSphere Health Sciences’ cannabinoid drug delivery system.

The cannabinoid drug delivery system utilizes the research-proven NanoSphere Delivery System™, providing delivery of cannabinoids through a unique lipid nanoparticle structure with increased bioavailability and therapeutic activity. NanoSphere’s groundbreaking cannabinoid drug delivery system nanoencapsulates cannabinoids in a protective membrane, transporting them rapidly and effectively to the bloodstream and cells for greater efficacy. This delivery platform, which was recently awarded the Frost and Sullivan 2018 Best Practices Award for Technological Innovation, makes the nanoencapsulated cannabinoids safer, more bioavailable and faster-acting, while also reducing adverse effects by delivering precise doses of cannabinoids in smart nanoparticles to target sites.

The company’s products are currently on sale in Colorado under the Evolve Formulas brand, with sales in CaliforniaArizona and additional states to commence later this year. Thus far, the brand has released its Transdermal NanoSerum™ products, which deliver cannabinoids through the skin into systemic circulation, offering rapid relief from pain, anxiety and inflammation. The product pipeline for Evolve Formulas includes intranasal and intraoral applications of the technology. The broad nature of the patent ensures a high barrier for any competition to the company’s delivery system. As Evolve Formulas sales continue to increase in the Colorado market and with the company having already announced that its second quarter financials will report revenue, NanoSphere is poised for significant growth.

“This is NanoSphere Health Sciences’ second patent in 2018, which significantly increases our value as owners of the biggest advancement in non-invasive delivery in over 25 years. We are eager to bring this technology to the industry on a broader scale, reaching more consumers who can greatly benefit from its precision. The receipt of this patent serves as further evidence of NanoSphere’s value and ability to generate revenue in the near-term. With science-backed delivery systems in high demand due to new safety and efficacy requirements, NanoSphere is proud to contribute the only clinically-proven and patented nanoparticle delivery system for cannabinoids to the cannabis industry,” said Robert Sutton, Chairman and CEO of NanoSphere Health Sciences and Evolve Formulas.

This patent compliments NanoSphere’s previously issued patent, U.S. Patent No. 9,925,149, covering the core technology behind the production of the NanoSphere Delivery System™.  NanoSphere’s patent portfolio now covers this cannabinoid drug delivery system and the formation and manufacturing of the NanoSphere Delivery System™ for the delivery of cannabinoids, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and other biological agents. The company intends to license this patented cannabinoid delivery system, the NanoSphere Delivery System™ and proprietary manufacturing process to selected partners in its target industries to maximize commercialization.

NanoSphere’s Commitment to Licensing IP

NanoSphere launched its IP licensing program in 2015 and is entertaining several licensing opportunities via a rigorous evaluation process. For more information about NanoSphere’s licensing program, please visit:

About NanoSphere

NanoSphere Health Sciences LLC, a subsidiary of NanoSphere Health Sciences INC (CSE: NSHS) (OTC: NSHSF), is the leader in nanoparticle delivery, a biotechnology company advancing the NanoSphere Delivery System™. NanoSphere’s patented core technology is changing the way biological agents deliver benefits.

NanoSphere’s disruptive platforms use smart nanoparticles to deliver cannabinoids, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications in a patented process with greater bioavailability and efficacy for the cannabis, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and animal health industries.  For more information on NanoSphere, please visit

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