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June 13, 2024 (Source) — Scandium Canada Ltd. (the “Company” or “Scandium Canada”) (TSX V: SCD); (OTCQB: SCDCF) is pleased to update stakeholders on its effort to establish and support a fully integrated Scandium supply chain, from mining to downstream applications. The company’s flagship Crater Lake project in northeastern Quebec is one of the few primary scandium deposits globally. It is expected to address the concerns of manufacturers seeking reliable supplies of scandium before integrating into their value chain.

3D printing/ Additive manufacturing

Starting in 2021, Scandium Canada has been working with McMaster University for the 3D printing of aluminum scandium powders for the production of parts that are otherwise difficult to produce using traditional manufacturing methods. The Company has developed aluminum scandium (“Al-Sc”) powders, whose composition are proprietary to Scandium Canada.  The Company is pleased to report the successful 3D printing of two aluminum alloys modified with scandium. Until recently, attempts at printing yielded coupons with solidification cracking, which we have now resolved. A summary of this work has been submitted to our patent lawyers and is under review for potential patent applications.  Further work is now being done on integrating our findings into industries and applications with short adoption cycles. Management is engaged in active discussions initiated with industrial players to test the printing and properties of the finished product for their applications.

Industrial uses

Scandium Canada has identified the use of aluminum scandium alloys in different industries. One of them is the aluminum channels in the frames of solar panels.  Aluminum scandium alloys offer lightweight, high-strength properties, making them ideal for enhancing the efficiency and performance of solar panel frames. As the Solar Panel industry experiences rapid growth, there is a pressing need to reduce its carbon footprint. Adopting aluminum scandium alloys in solar panel frames could contribute to achieving this goal by reducing the overall weight of the frames and improving their durability.  To this end, the Company is now designing test alloys to extrude complex profiles of solar panel frames to be tested by an important Solar panel manufacturer.  Details of the agreement and testing will be shared with the market as the testing program progresses.

The global solar photovoltaic industry has experienced substantial year-on-year growth, driven by increasing adoption of renewable energy and advancements in solar technology. With growing environmental awareness and supportive government policies, the industry has witnessed significant expansion, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions and offering sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, declining costs of solar panels and improved efficiency have further fueled the global growth of the solar photovoltaic industry, making solar energy a prominent player in the global energy landscape.

Guy Bourassa, CEO of Scandium Canada, said, “We strongly believe in the development of a scandium ecosystem including multiple producers and users to promote a sustainable scandium market. Our results are an important step towards establishing a fully integrated scandium supply chain to realize the full potential of our Crater Lake project. Our research efforts support developing new market applications of aluminum scandium alloys. Developing new markets for aluminum scandium alloys is crucial because potential users have hesitated to rely on foreign sources of scandium. By establishing domestic sources and integrating them into various industries, we can ensure a stable and reliable supply of this valuable material, encouraging broader adoption and innovation.”


Scandium Canada is a Canadian technology metals company focused on advancing its flagship Crater Lake scandium and rare earth projects in Québec.

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Scandium Canada Ltd.

Scandium Canada Ltd. (TSXV: SCD | OTCQB: SCDCF) is a Canadian technology metals company focused on the Al Sc (2%) Master Alloy and scandium oxide markets supported by its…

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