StageZero Life Sciences Direct to Consumer Marketing Campaign for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Attracts Thousands of Responses

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October 2, 2019 (Source) – StageZero Life Sciences, Ltd (TSX: SZLS) (“StageZero” or the “Company”) is gaining traction in patient directed testing following the launch of a new online marketing initiative for prostate cancer awareness month. The campaign, which was part of its ongoing Patient Directed Testing initiative, deployed both paid and organic search and social media campaigns to create awareness for the Prostate Health Index. The Prostate Health Index is an FDA approved blood test that can help differentiate prostate cancer from benign conditions in men with elevated PSA and can help male patients and their physicians decide if a prostate biopsy is indicated.1

“We were delighted to see the amount of interest this generated in such a short period of time,” said James-Howard-Tripp, CEO of StageZero Life Sciences. “The campaign, which featured a select number of Google Ads that targeted patients looking for more information on prostate cancer and prostate health was joined by targeted ads on Facebook.”

In just the four-week September period, the Company has piqued the interest of over 150,000 people searching for more information on prostate cancer. In that time, more than 6,700 prospective patients have clicked through to our landing pages [2.6% Facebook and 8.5% Google Ads vs the industry average of 2.5%] and we are now processing those who have provided us with their contact information and asked for information about having the test done. Patients who complete the patient intake form will have their information reviewed in a HIPAA compliant portal by a qualified physician. Patients who qualify are invited to proceed with their online order. The Prostate Health Index is priced at $299 and includes the test being performed, the telehealth physician consult/prescription and the blood draw at one of the Company’s national draw sites.

“This is exciting. We are engaging directly with a large number of consumers for the first time and helping to educate and empower patients who fall into the diagnostic gap of prostate cancer screening. It is a process, but we are building it, and we are pleased that we able to provide valuable answers to consumers who are searching for them,” added Howard-Tripp.

In addition to paid search and social media, StageZero has received tremendous outcomes from organic Facebook activity. “In a matter of weeks, we have seen this surge in activity and it continues to grow,” commented Howard-Tripp. “It has taken time to design and find the right partners to help us execute, but we appear to be getting the mix right.”

The program was introduced by Gary the Prostate, StageZero’s spokesperson on Prostate Cancer Awareness, via video, and advocates for “at risk” men to speak with their physicians about getting tested. You can watch his latest video by clicking here.

About StageZero Life Sciences, Ltd.

StageZero Life Sciences is dedicated to the early detection of cancer and multiple disease states through whole blood. Aristotle®, our next generation test, is a panel for simultaneously screening for 10 cancers from a single sample of blood with high sensitivity and specificity for each cancer. Aristotle is built on our proven and proprietary Sentinel Principle Technology Platform which has been validated on 10,000 patients and used to develop the first liquid biopsy for Colorectal Cancer, with further validation currently underway. In addition to building a pipeline of products for early cancer detection, the Company operates a CAP accredited and CLIA certified reference laboratory based in Richmond, Virginia that offers the ColonSentry® test as well as licensed biomarker tests for lung, breast and prostate cancers. To learn more visit

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1. Loeb S, Sanda MG, Broyles DL, et al. The Prostate Health Index Selectively Identifies Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer. The Journal of Urology. 2015;193(4):1163-1169