StageZero Life Sciences Enters European Market with Oncore Pharma and BodyCheck NL: Update to Clarify Details Within the Agreement

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October 21, 2019 (Source) – StageZero Life Sciences, Ltd (TSX:SZLS) (“StageZero” or the “Company”), a life sciences company dedicated to the early detection of cancer and multiple disease states through whole blood, announced on October 10 that its licensing partner, Oncore Pharma, has signed a multi-year agreement with BodyCheck NL for the distribution and sale of ColonSentry® throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (the “Benelux”).

The multi-year agreement has a term of six (6) years, with a lead-in phase of 6 months which will be used to implement and launch a sales and marketing campaign in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. BodyCheck NL has committed to a range of testing, with 275,000 ColonSentry® diagnostic tests for the early detection of Colorectal Cancer anticipated to be analyzed and reported out by StageZero Life Sciences’ state of the art facility in Richmond, Virginia, USA over the duration of the agreement. The multi-year agreement has a value to StageZero of US$40 million based on the committed 275,000 tests. Both the anticipated test volume and the resulting revenue are commitments, not guarantees.

ColonSentry® is StageZero’s proprietary liquid biopsy that uses advanced gene expression (mRNA) technology for the early identification of Colorectal Cancer (CRC).

“Oncore Pharma, moving quickly to use its established relationships in Europe to introduce ColonSentry into markets other than the U.S, is opening up additional opportunities for us,” said James Howard-Tripp, Chairman and CEO of StageZero Life Sciences. “With this as our initial entry point in the European market, we look forward to gaining experience and enlarging our footprint outside of the U.S. even further in 2020.”

About StageZero Life Sciences, Ltd.

StageZero Life Sciences is dedicated to the early detection of cancer and multiple disease states through whole blood. Aristotle®, our next generation test, is a panel for simultaneously screening for 10 cancers from a single sample of blood with high sensitivity and specificity for each cancer. Aristotle is built on our proven and proprietary Sentinel Principle Technology Platform which has been validated in 10,000 patients and used to develop the first liquid biopsy for Colorectal Cancer, with further validation currently underway. In addition to building a pipeline of products for early cancer detection, the Company operates a CAP accredited and CLIA certified reference laboratory based in Richmond, Virginia that offers the ColonSentry® test as well as licensed biomarker tests for lung, breast and prostate cancers. To learn more visit

About Oncore Pharma

Oncore Pharma is a catalyst for research, development and commercialization of innovative products for the diagnosis, care and cure of early stage cancer patient by distributing ColonSentry®, StageZero Life Sciences’ advanced blood-based molecular diagnostic assay for the early detection of ColoRectal Cancer, through a global licensing and co-marketing agreement.

About BodyCheck

BodyCheck NL promotes iBodyCheck, a health test that not only provides insight into your health within minutes but also warns you about potential health risks. iBodyCheck is the future of preventive healthcare. Based on the results of your Bodycheck, you receive professional advice on how to (further) increase your health in a responsible manner.

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