Brendon Grunewald of Moovly Media talks about why video content creation is king during Covid and beyond

In a recent InvestorIntel interview Peter Clausi speaks with Brendon Grunewald, Co-Founder and CEO of Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY) about recent advances in Moovly’s video content publishing platform.

“One silver lining to the pandemic is people having to discover new ways of learning and working, and video is becoming an essential part of that,” Brendon said. “I believe that’s not just related to Covid, but that is part of a long-term trend.”

Moovly has also taken advantage of the lockdown by adding new features to their already robust and feature-rich online video content creation platform. “Many of these new features are client-driven,” Brendon said, “particularly clients in the corporate enterprise space and education.”

The ability of users to create templates and upload and publish videos instantly “is a feature particularly appreciated by bigger organizations because they may have graphics specialists in their headquarters, but not everyone is a graphics specialist,” he continued. This allows a company to create a template “and then anyone in the field who can drive a mouse and a keyboard can actually adapt and customize it and make themselves look like content geniuses.”

One of the new features is the ability to transform PowerPoint presentations into video, adding music and other video elements from Moovly’s extensive royalty-free library. “A lot of companies have amassed a sizeable number of PowerPoint presentations,” Brendon said, “and what they are looking to do is make them more engaging, particularly to the younger generation.” Brendon explains how the Moovly tool takes all the elements of each PowerPoint slide, including graphics and transitions, and automatically converts them to video. It automates the process and “saves a lot of time, which is its primary value.”

Last month Moovly also announced that it had integrated Google Translate into its platform, allowing for instant sub-titles for videos into more than 100 languages. Brendon told Peter that this is particularly valuable to multinational companies that need to have content translated and localized for multiple markets.

With over 3 million users, Brendon said that “our key value proposition is that we are trying to democratize the ability for everyone to really make high-end content.” And whether you are a big or small business, an individual, or an educator, Moovly, he continued, “really gives the tools to people to really make content with the click of a button.”

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