Moovly Media ‘wows’ with massive user growth during the COVID-19 lockdown

COVID-19 has been the catalyst for the dawn of a new digital era. Working and schooling from home using smart software systems to make us more effective and efficient is where it is at nowadays. For investors one of the hottest areas right now is the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector, especially if it involves video communications. Just look at Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM).

Modern day billion dollar online companies such as Google and Facebook have proven how popular video content is. That is because people love to watch video content, especially if it is professional and entertaining.

One company that is benefiting from the online video boom is Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY | OTC: MVVYF).

Moovly Media’s software allows individuals and businesses to make professional videos – It’s easy and affordable



Moovly makes it simple and easy to create professional video content

Rather than reading about how Moovly works, just click on this short video about Moovly and see for yourself how easy it is to create your own video content. All you need to do is select, drag and drop. To help achieve that professional look, users can get access to over 100 million digital assets (pics, videos, sounds etc) integrated via partnerships with Getty Images and others.

How easy it is to make a Moovly

Moovly now has faster Facebook integration

Moovly reported in their May press release that Moovly Media videos can now easily be integrated with Facebook. Moovly stated:

“Based on client demand Moovly launched an integration with Facebook whereby users can publish their videos to a Facebook Page and or Group with a single click of a button. This feature is ideal when using premade templates and our “quick edit” Video Automator feature in which case Facebook promo videos, adverts etc. can be made in seconds.”

Who uses Moovly?

Moovly is ideally suited to individuals or businesses wanting to use video to reach their clients and customers. Moovly is already used by >300 of the Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, freelancers and top schools and universities. Other recent Moovly clients included Amadeus IT Group (15,000 employees), and clients in the education system including a global reseller partnership distribution agreement with Boxlight Corporation.

Why invest in Moovly?

There are several reasons for investors to invest in Moovly Media:

  • The Company is in the booming SaaS sector, and the booming online video content sector.
  • Moovly has great products which are very easy to use and give a professional video result. Moovly users get access to a massive image/video/sound library, which is is a huge bonus. The software works on your PC or you can use it on a mobile app.
  • Moovly is still in the early stages of growth, and is rapidly gaining users (see below).
  • Valuation is still extraordinarily cheap with a market cap of ~C$5 million, especially given the quality of the client base with over 300 Fortune 500 members as clients. Just with that client base alone the potential to expand product offerings and increase revenue is enormous.

COVID-19 impact

While most companies have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, Moovly Media has managed to more than double users. Yes a >100% increase!

Here’s the press release: “Moovly client numbers more than double in wake of global lockdown……

  1. Daily website traffic – up 300%
  2. New users – up 125%
  3. New subscribers – up 120%”

This is an incredible result, and is not yet reflected in the Company’s stock price.

Moovly recently named as the number one video editor by M7 (alongside Zoom for video communications)

Moovly was recently named the number one video editor by M7 Innovations. For context, M7 Innovations, also named Zoom, as the number one video communication platform. This, combined with clients like Amadeus and numerous other third party reviews stating that Moovly has the best product on the market, validates Moovly’s commitment to being the best solution on the market.

Closing remarks

Moovly Media is an under the radar SaaS company that is rapidly growing in the booming video content, and content creation market. With much more people working or studying (home schooling) from home and looking to market their business, Moovly Media is a major beneficiary.

Just look at the numbers! Web traffic up 300%, new users up 125%, new subscribers up 120%. These are brilliant numbers reflecting the growing popularity and awareness of the Moovly platform.

Moovly Media continues to impress with comparisons now with Zoom, a US$44 billion dollar star of the video communications sector.

Can Moovly be the next Zoom? With a market cap of a mere ~C$5 million, investors should definitely stay tuned into Moovly.

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