Sean Cleary on Strategic’s plans to revitalize former producer of 10% of the world’s vanadium

In a recent interview with InvestorNews, Sean Cleary, Chairman and CEO of Strategic Resources Inc. (TSXV: SR), discussed the company’s latest developments and strategic direction amidst their attendance at PDAC 2024. Cleary highlighted the fully permitted BlackRock Project in Quebec, which enjoys support from notable backers including the Quebec government, Orion Mine Finance, Ross Beatty, and the Alumina Group. He announced the imminent release of an engineering study for phase one of the project at Port Saguenay in Quebec, emphasizing the company’s efforts in engaging with investors and potential partners. Cleary also shed light on the company’s involvement in the European Union’s vanadium and titanium study through its project in Finland, marking a significant step towards securing a non-dilutive pathway for its vanadium, titanium, and magnetite deposits. Strategic Resources’ acquisition of the project through a merger with Black Rock Metals was noted as a pivotal move in securing its flagship venture, further underlined by its ambition to revitalize a former producer of 10% of the world’s vanadium.

Strategic Resources’ innovative approaches to sustainability and carbon emission reduction were also a focal point of the discussion. Cleary detailed a collaboration agreement with Levidian, a British climate technology firm, to explore the application of Levidian’s patented LOOP decarbonization technology at the BlackRock Project’s metallurgical facility in Saguenay, Québec. This partnership aims to produce near emissions-free iron products, leveraging the conversion of natural gas into hydrogen and graphene as a byproduct. The conversation also touched upon the company’s financial health, with a market cap of $45 million, 60 million shares outstanding, and nearly $8 million in cash reserves, emphasizing the project’s robust backing and future prospects. The interview underscored Strategic Resources’ strategic positioning and forward-looking initiatives in the critical minerals sector, reflecting its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and strategic partnerships in advancing its projects in Canada and Finland.

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About Strategic Resources Inc.

Strategic Resources Inc. (TSXV:SR) is a critical mineral exploration and development company focused on high-purity iron and vanadium projects in Canada and Finland. The Company is developing its flagship BlackRock Project, which is a fully permitted and ready to construct mine, concentrator and metallurgical facility located at a seaport in Québec with full access to the St. Lawrence Seaway. The Company’s Head Office is in Montreal, Québec.

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