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As we approach the highly anticipated InvestorTalk tomorrow morning, I am delighted to be preparing for an InvestorTalk that promises to be both enlightening and engaging. With Dr. Carolyn Myers at the helm from 9-9:20 AM EST, we are set to do a coffee talk Q&A style, as we secure the latest advancements and strategic directions in the realm of nanotechnology and surface protection coatings from the undeniably talented FendX management team. Dr. Myers, CEO of FendX Technologies Inc., is renowned for her visionary leadership and her pivotal role in steering the company towards groundbreaking innovations….check out her LinkedIn profile, and then — here are tomorrow’s details:

9-920 AM EST
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
InvestorTalk with Dr Carolyn Myers from FendX Technologies Inc. (CSE: FNDX | OTCQB: FDXTF)
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One of the most noteworthy achievements that we will be highlighting during the talk is FendX’s successful completion of its third pilot run for manufacturing REPELWRAP™ film using Dunmore International Corp.’s commercial equipment. This milestone, announced on February 13, 2024, marks a significant leap forward in the company’s quest to optimize the production process of this innovative film.

The journey of REPELWRAP™ film from concept to near-commercialization is a testament to FendX’s relentless pursuit of excellence. The initial pilot run, revealed on October 3, 2023, confirmed the feasibility of scaling up the REPELWRAP™ film formulation for automated manufacturing. This was followed by a second pilot run on January 10, 2024, which introduced a more efficient one-pass coating process, significantly reducing manufacturing time and advancing the scale-up development initiatives.

The third and latest pilot run focused on utilizing the one-pass coating process to further reduce drying times after the nano-coating is applied to the film. This achievement not only enhances the efficiency of the manufacturing process but also supports FendX’s ongoing efforts to refine and perfect their production techniques. With each pilot run, FendX has moved closer to realizing a final commercial manufacturing process, demonstrating significant progress in optimizing the intermediate scale-up of REPELWRAP™ film.

REPELWRAP™ film is poised to revolutionize the way we approach surface protection. Leveraging FendX’s award-winning nanotechnology, this protective coating film exhibits unique properties that prevent the adhesion of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses, thereby reducing their transmission on surfaces prone to contamination. Such innovative solutions are crucial in healthcare settings and various industries, offering a new layer of protection in our fight against the spread of infectious diseases.

Dr. Myers’ leadership has been instrumental in forging strong collaborations with Dunmore and McMaster University, propelling FendX towards its goals with unmatched expertise and dedication. As we prepare to share these exciting developments with our investors and stakeholders, we look forward to a session filled with insightful discussions, strategic foresights, and a glimpse into the future of surface protection technologies.

Tomorrow’s InvestorTalk is not just a presentation of achievements; it’s a celebration of the strides FendX is making towards safer, more protected environments. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge innovations that FendX is bringing to the forefront, under the adept guidance of Dr. Carolyn Myers.

As of the latest financial disclosure, FendX Technologies Inc. (CSE: FNDX | OTCQB: FDXTF) has 53.04 million common shares outstanding.

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