Red Light Holland enters the market of legal magic truffles

Exploring the recreational and potential medical use of psychedelics

Most people have heard of ‘magic mushrooms’, but they may be unfamiliar with their fungi cousin magic truffles. Magic truffles are legal and very popular in the Netherlands and are well known for their hallucinegic properties that result in psychedelic effects. What is less well known is that truffles have a number of potential health benefits related to reducing anxiety and depression, lifting mood, and freeing the mind. The price for 10 grams of truffles (the maximum recommended dose for a beginner) is between 10 to 15 Euro in Amsterdam.

Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP | FSE:4YX) (“RLH”) is in the ‘magic truffle’ business. The Company aims to engage in the production, growth and sale of a premium brand of magic truffles to the legal, recreational market within the Netherlands. Their business revolves around a premium brand of magic truffles. Sales are conducted through existing Dutch Smartshops storefront operators and an advanced e-commerce platform. The Netherlands is a country with a long-standing, established, legal magic truffles market.

Red Light Holland is now starting to commercialize their premium magic truffles in the Netherlands for both recreational and eventual medicinal use

Source: Company presentation

In some surprising news in August, RLH announced that it had commenced its “magic truffles growth operation in the Netherlands, months ahead of schedule…” Red Light Holland has “expedited the build out of its approximately 3,000 square feet, custom built, indoor growing, production and distribution facility of the Company, in Horst, the Netherlands (the “Facility“) and has commenced growing its first crop of magic truffles.”

RLH has also ordered 10,000 units of Psychedelic Truffles Microdosing Packs from McSmart (one of the Netherlands’ prominent truffle growers, distributors and Smart Shop owners), to launch the Microdosing Packs within the Netherlands as early as September 2020. RLH plans to sell these via three Smart Shops operated by McSmart, as well as through Red Light Holland’s proposed e-commerce platform and McSmart’s existing e-commerce platform.

Red Light Holland has also been on a hiring spree adding 7 new high-level members to their team with a wide variety of both business and medical (psychedelics) knowledge and experience. One of the new hires, Sarah Hashkes from RadixMotion, will focus on developing an innovative virtual reality shopping experience (VR Module, due by Q4 2020) for Dutch Smart Shops and e-commerce platforms. Sarah Hashkes is the CEO of RadixMotion and a scientific researcher with knowledge on microdosing and is RLH’s new Scientific Advisor. Part of her mandate is to educate the public about psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic truffles.

The project also includes having a “VR Avatar”, expected to be online by Q3 2020. The VR Avatar is expected to assist Red Light Holland’s larger efforts towards reducing the stigma associated with magic truffles and other psychedelic substances. The Avatar, RLH explains, is to help the novice: “Now imagine shopping for something new – but wanting to truly experience it before purchasing? Pretty cool idea, right? What we are aiming to create here is a virtual reality experience that potential consumers can use before buying our Microdose Packs. This way, they can experience what the effects of microdosing magic truffles would be like, to help with their personal comfort and understanding before actually purchasing our product.”

Sounds rather cool to me. I think it will be quite popular for the curious to try this out. What do readers think?

Red Light Holland is currently growing three different strains of magic truffles and expects to have an initial batch of approximately 100,000 grams of magic truffles available in late October, 2020.

Red Light Holland carves out a unique market niche

Source: Company presentation

Closing remarks

Red Light Holland is moving surprisingly fast to commercialize and promote their product range of premium magic truffles. Considering the Company only listed in Canada this year in late May, then in Germany in June, it is quite amazing that operations have already begun and they are already producing their own magic truffles.

Red Light Holland trades on a market cap of just C$19m as investors are yet to learn about the Company, and their large potential to rapidly expand and create revenues in the lucrative magic truffles market in the Netherlands. Exciting times are ahead for Red Light Holland with a new innovative VR Avatar virtual reality shopping experience, with sales and revenues all not that far away in Q3 and Q4 of this year.

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  1. Tracy Weslosky Avatar
    Tracy Weslosky

    Nice vibe for the week ahead Matt for the market…thank you.

    You know I asked Weingarten on Friday about every single market sector with the exception of Psychedelics and well, sending him a note on this now.

    I think the CEO for Red Light Holland has to be one of the most dynamic members of our capital markets, have enjoyed watching the news flow. If you have missed it, check it out –

    Also, the announcement where they announced Bruce Linton as Chairman of their Advisory Board seemed impressive to me as Mr Linton has had a formidable career – reference,

    Please keep the updates coming on the results of microdosing for instance, on the alleviation of symptoms relating to mental illness.

    1. Matthew Bohlsen Avatar
      Matthew Bohlsen

      Thanks Tracy….Some good info and links in there.

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