NanoSphere Announces Anti-Aging Product Using Nano-Sized Particles of Hyaluronic Acid

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January 17, 2019 (Source) — NanoSphere Health Sciences, Inc. (CSE: NSHS) (OTC: NSHSF) announced today it has developed an anti-aging product combining Hyaluronic Acid (HA) with the Company’s patented Nanosphere Delivery System™.

NanoSphere is best known for developing cannabis and CBD products that are delivered via the Company’s patented delivery system. While that enterprise continues to grow, this is NanoSphere’s first product for the cosmeceutical industry.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a large linear polymer that occurs naturally in the human body and decreases with age. HA is commonly used to remoisturize dry skin, eliminate wrinkles and treat skin aging as a cosmeceutical. HA is also injected as a dermal filler by aesthetic surgeons and can be applied to wounds to accelerate healing.

The new product now being tested by NanoSphere is intended to greatly improve the results of Hyaluronic Acid for treating skin anti-aging without the need for injection.

NanoSphere is also testing the prototype’s effectiveness for treating joint stiffness and arthritic pain. Currently high molecular weight HA is injected into joints by orthopedic surgeons to reduce pain and improve mobility associated with degenerative joint disorders. By contrast, topically applied NanoSphere HA is optimized for penetration into the skin, joints and wounds, delivering greater activity and sustained effects via NanoSphere’s patented nanoparticle delivery system.

“The main issue with Hyaluronic Acid as an anti-aging compound is that the polymer molecules are too large to penetrate through skin in typical preparations, so It could only be highly effective in therapy when administered through injection or broken into shorter fragments that may cause inflammation,” explains NanoSphere Chief Science Officer Dr. Richard Kaufman. “Our process encapsulates pharmaceutical grade HA of higher molecular weights in flexible, deformable patented NanoSphere lipid nanoparticles. The result is a viscoelastic NanoGel containing flexible nanoparticles of Hyaluronic Acid capable of penetrating the human skin, aiding delivery to target sites where it is most effective.”

Kaufman says the result is not exactly the same as HA dermal fillers and joint treatments delivered by hypodermic needles, which may show dramatic results almost immediately. However, the NanoSphere HA solution over a period of weeks can show some remarkable benefits, says NanoSphere CEO Robert Sutton.

“This research represents a potential breakthrough that will make anti-aging, joint mobility, and wound healing treatments more affordable and available to the general population,” Sutton said. “We are still studying its long-term effectiveness, but initial study results are very promising.”

Kaufman says the NanoSphere product is different from current cosmetic HA treatments. NanoSphere HA is able to deliver Hyaluronic Acid into the epidermis and the joints with high molecular weights greater than 800,000 Daltons, similar to what the human body forms naturally.  As well, the NanoSphere lipid nanoparticles are ‘elastic’ and were shown to better penetrate the skin than rigid nanoparticles.

Sutton says NanoSphere HA is currently going through internal testing and clinical trials and will be offered for sale only when that process is complete.

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