The Critical Minerals Institute Announces the CMI Summit III: A 2-Day Event Led by Prominent Industry Leaders Themed “Achieving Critical Minerals Mastery in Today’s Markets”

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Date: Wednesday, August 21st and Thursday, August 22nd, 2024

Location: The National Club, 303 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

December 14, 2023 — The Critical Minerals Institute (CMI) proudly announces the CMI Summit III, an essential convocation for experts in the field of critical minerals. The landmark CMI Summit III, scheduled for August 21st and 22nd, will bring together leading industry figures, investors, and experts to delve into the changing landscape of critical minerals from geopolitical influences and strategies for thriving in a dynamic market.

The CMI serves as a global nexus for professionals in the critical minerals sector, particularly focused on energy and energy technologies. The “Achieving Critical Minerals Mastery in Today’s Markets” themed CMI Summit III will integrate industry leaders with over a dozen expert lead panels. Co-Chairman Jack Lifton commented that the influence of China’s export mandates is the driving force behind all critical minerals hit lists worldwide. Jack comments that: “Crucial to navigating the critical minerals market is understanding China’s strategic prioritization, and the market fails to understand that China’s primary focus is securing supplies for domestic needs, not global integration. This is key to understanding China’s influential role in the critical minerals sector.”

The CMI Summit III has confirmed high-level industry discussions and keynote speakers from uranium processing to equity groups involved in the financing. Prominent industry leader Mark Chalmers from Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU | TSX: EFR) will be the kick off keynote speaker. Additional high-level talks will be featured between expert panels, confirmations of such well known industry leaders already include Tuan Tran from Ara Partners, Dan Blondal from Nano One Materials Corp. (TSX: NANO) and Pat Ryan from Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSXV: UCU | OTCQX: UURAF).

The CMI Summit III will address a wide range of critical mineral topics for both industry and investors that include:

  • Trailblazing Investment Opportunities: Analyzing trends in sectors such as lithium and uranium, the impact of U.S. policy on domestic battery production, and the strategic value of mergers, acquisitions, and capital sourcing. Additional panels will include the M&A opportunities and the financing options from exploration to processing.
  • The Game Changing Impact of Specialist Companies: Spotlighting innovative market-shaping companies and specialists technology that ranges from cathode anode technology to electric vehicle battery advancements and how such technologies can impact the demand and price of critical minerals.
  • Navigating Price, Production, and Global Trends: Delving into the trajectory of critical minerals, addressing geopolitical influences, and fostering competitive, logical decision-making. The price of production is unquestionably the leading influencer and driver for the competitive landscape in the critical minerals.
  • African Market Dynamics in Critical Minerals: As exploration in North America and Australia rapidly expands, Africa continues to maintain its position as a key contributor in critical minerals, from cobalt to tin. This panel of experts will focus on Africa’s evolving market, its increasing competitiveness, and the identification of key leaders shaping the continent’s role in the global critical mineral arena.
  • The Key to Being Critical: Who decides what is critical and where? Addressing a need for an international standard, reliable data, and pinpointing the most crucial minerals regionally will be a debate held by industry experts. Investors will enjoy the prioritization of such criticals and the assessment of how they are presently being priced.

Adopting “Achieving Critical Minerals Mastery in Today’s Market” as its central theme, the summit promises a comprehensive examination of market trends, geopolitical shifts, and capital flows in the critical minerals sector. It will also highlight the roles and contributions of major industry entities, financial institutions, and investment funds.

Invitation to Participate in CMI III:

This CMI Summit III is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the critical minerals sector, from investors to industry veterans. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights, network with key players, and be part of the conversation that will define the future of critical minerals.

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For more informatoin on the CMI Summit III, contact Tracy Weslosky, Managing Director, Critical Minerals Institute at +1 416 792 8228 or [email protected]. For more information on the CMI, click here or visit

About the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI): 

The Critical Minerals Institute (CMI) is an international organization that brings together companies and professionals specializing in battery materials, technology metals, defense metals, the EV sector, ESG technologies, and the utilization of critical minerals for energy and alternative energy production. Dedicated to the exploration, development, and responsible use of critical minerals, crucial for global economic growth and environmental sustainability, CMI offers a comprehensive approach to understanding this vital sector. Members benefit from exclusive perks, including discounts on CMI Summits, private invitations to monthly online Masterclasses, monthly editions of the CMI Newsletter filled with industry insights, and the bi-weekly Technology Metals Report. They also receive updates on international Critical Mineral Lists and opportunities for discounted participation in partnership events. CMI’s commitment to education, collaboration, and professional development empowers members to effectively contribute towards supporting sustainable development in the critical minerals sector, focusing on both economic growth and environmental responsibility.

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