Dave Mehalick from Coeptis Therapeutics to Host InvestorTalk (04.25.2024)

InvestorNews is pleased to announce an upcoming InvestorTalk scheduled for Thursday, April 25th at 9 AM EST, featuring Dave Mehalick, the Chairman, President, and CEO of Coeptis Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: COEP). To participate in this engaging discussion, please click here

Currently, Coeptis Therapeutics holds 36,089,917 shares outstanding and has a market capitalization of USD$12,631,471.

In preparation for tomorrow’s InvestorTalk, here are the three most recent news releases from Coeptis for your review, which are listed below:

  • April 2, 2024 — Coeptis Therapeutics Congratulates Alexander Deiters, Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, on Receiving the 2024 Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award — click here
  • February 26, 2024 — Coeptis Therapeutics Adds Autoimmune Indications to Exclusive License Agreement with University of Pittsburgh for SNAP-CAR T and SNAP-CAR NK — click here
  • February 7, 2024 — Coeptis Therapeutics to Pursue Phase 2 Program Using Proprietary First-in-Class Allogeneic NK Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Viral Infections — click here

5-Data Points from the most recent news release:

  1. Recognition of Professor Alexander Deiters: Professor Deiters received the 2024 Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award from the University of Pittsburgh for his interdisciplinary research in chemistry and biology, underscoring the high impact and innovative nature of his work on the SNAP-CAR platform.
  2. Development of SNAP-CAR Technology: The SNAP-CAR T cell therapy platform, co-developed by Professor Alexander Deiters, is significant for its innovative approach in targeting cancer and autoimmune diseases through a universal receptor adaptable to multiple antigens.
  3. Expansion of License for Autoimmune Indications: Coeptis Therapeutics expanded its exclusive license agreement with the University of Pittsburgh to include autoimmune indications for the SNAP-CAR T and NK cell therapies. This expansion highlights the broad potential of SNAP-CAR technology beyond oncology to address significant needs in autoimmune diseases.
  4. Pursuit of Phase 2 Program for NK Cell Therapy Against Viral Infections: Coeptis Therapeutics announced plans to initiate a Phase 2 program using DVX201, their proprietary NK cell therapy, targeting severe viral infections such as the “tripledemic” of influenza, COVID-19, and RSV. This highlights the company’s strategic move into infectious disease treatment using innovative cell therapy.
  5. Market Growth in Autoimmune Disease Treatments: The global treatment market for autoimmune diseases is projected to grow significantly, from $7.68 billion in 2024 to $12.64 billion in 2028. This indicates a substantial market opportunity for Coeptis Therapeutics’ expanded applications of their SNAP-CAR technology.

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The last InvestorNews Interview was on March 4, 2024, and was titled: Coeptis’ Dave Mehalick on the disruptive potential of SNAP-CAR technology for autoimmune diseases — click here

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