InvestorIntel Week-in-Review for the Week of September 19-30, 2022 – Regulators Remind Social Media Stars to Post Disclaimers

Confirming strain in the market from all said financial media sources – we are all watching the markets, along with you – seeking wisdom and refuge where there is indeed, none… and reveling in the wisdom from contrarians suggesting that this is when the real excitement begins.

Critical minerals interest led by nickel and tin, followed by copper and gold, dominate my last week’s flood of emails. Just take a look at the top 10 Trending columns from our site, and review the last 10 days of news flow listed below. And we will be taking a break from the Week in Review, as we countdown to a new website over the next 2 weeks…

So, what has history taught us? No matter what occurs, entertainment is the sector that thrives during downturns and volatility, I see Kim Kardashian is now making headlines for an Instagram post relating to a crypto post this morning surrounding a $1.26M fine, the NY Times reports (source):

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced a $1.26 million settlement Monday morning with the celebrity for not disclosing she had been paid $250,000 to promote a crypto token sold by EthereumMax… Ms. Kardashian had promoted the crypto product as a good investment on her Instagram page in June 2021.

A fan of Kim’s for her leadership in drawing media attention to recidivism and her PR for Armenia, I urge you to take 5 minutes to introduce yourself to this corridor to the ME (click here).

On Kim’s behalf, anyone that touched crypto and held it during that rock and roll trading concert has a story; however, we continue to remind our audience to do their due diligence, no matter who the source is, citing a stock or share price via social media. And is it really a breakthrough to understand that believing a recommendation from social media from someone who has been quite transparent that their income comes through endorsements on social media may not be reliable?

Speaking of this, I always note when a story that looks like a financial media post is missing the name of a writer and source, because that can be a flag. I receive alerts all the time with “Did you see this?” They send me news ideas and I must explain that if the story does not have an acknowledged writer and it’s written about a public company – and the site also does not have a source or contact referenced, never mind is missing a team – then it probably has suspicious motives. For an example from September 20th, read Business news: B.C. companies fined over social media posts | CTV News.

Morning Chatter from Kevin Thomsen this AM, which I read daily. He writes:

Welcome to the fourth quarter. It’s been a rough year for stocks, and it doesn’t look like markets’ luck will turn around dramatically, if at all, during the final three months. All three major averages on Friday closed out a losing quarter and a losing month, with the Dow closing below 29,000 for the first time since November 2020. They have all suffered three consecutive losing quarters, as well. Can it get any more grim, at least for stocks? The economy is still running hot despite the Federal Reserve’s best efforts to cool it off with an aggressive rate-hike plan. (CNBC).


Canadian futures are up, supported by oil prices that jumped over $3 as OPEC+ considers reducing output by more than 1 million barrels per day. European shares slid, led by technology and financial stocks, as investors fretted about the economic health of the continent. Japan’s Nikkei rose sharply, supported by a rally in chip-related stocks. The sterling was up after Britain reversed a plan to cut the highest rate of income tax, while the yen weakened against the U.S. dollar. Gold prices were in positive territory.


The Nasdaq futures were dragged lower by Tesla shares after it failed to meet quarterly delivery targets, although the other two main indexes were headed for a positive start to the quarter.

Enjoy your day, we have the following 2 companies hosting the pre-market that you can secure access to by going to to register —

  • 9:00-9:20 AM EST, Wednesday, October 5, 2022   — with Spencer Huh from Neo Battery Materials Ltd. (TSXV: NBM | OTCQB: NBMFF)
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The Top 10 Trending Columns on for the last 30-days:

  1. Maritz Smith of Alphamin Resources talks about its updated tin resource at its Mpama North Mine
  2. American Rare Earths triples the Halleck Creek exploration target in Wyoming
  3. Christopher Ecclestone of Molten Metals talks about breaking China’s grip on antimony production
  4. Peter Clausi of Silver Bullet Mines talks about their “just do it” philosophy
  5. John Cash of Ur-Energy talks about renewed support for uranium producers and nuclear energy
  6. All hands on deck – Top 10 rules for great PowerPoint presentations
  7. Pat Ryan of Ucore Rare Metals on the importance of securing a domestic rare earths supply chain
  8. Chris Gibbs and Marty Weems of American Rare Earths talk about tripling its Halleck Creek Target
  9. When it comes to ESG, it’s Rule Brittania
  10. Hubert Lau of TrustBIX talks about their new food supply chain solutions and building revenue

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