Offers Real Time Access through the Revolutionary IR Mobile App, Now Offered Through Stock Marketing Inc.


Toronto, Canada, April 17, 2024 — InvestorNews Inc., a leader in capital market digital media solutions and the Publisher for, proudly announces the launch of the IR Mobile App, created, developed, and distributed through Stock Marketing Inc. This new app is now available for both Android and Apple devices, providing seamless access to

The audience is graciously encouraged to download the IR Mobile App at the following locations and offer comments:

Android: Download Here     |     Apple: Download Here

For over twenty years, InvestorNews Inc. has been at the forefront of delivering in-depth news on the public markets, recognized for its detailed analysis provided by expert analysts and seasoned journalists. As a continuous innovator, InvestorNews Inc. is dedicated to enhancing its offerings to meet the evolving needs of its audience.

InvestorNews Inc. understands that in addition to deploying their news effectively, Stock Marketing’s IR Mobile App will offer the companies that work with InvestorNews Inc. a way to offer investors direct and efficient access to up-to-date information about public companies’ performances, news releases, and strategic developments, right at their fingertips. This tool is designed to cultivate a closer connection and enhanced transparency between shareholders and the companies they invest in.

Scott Breard, CEO of Stock Marketing Inc., expressed his enthusiasm about the mobile app’s potential: “The IR Mobile App is a revolutionary step forward in investor relations, providing immediate access through just a single touch. It greatly enhances how companies and investors connect beyond conventional websites and social media.”

Tracy Weslosky, CEO of InvestorNews Inc., highlighted the significance of mobile platforms in today’s market: “The ascendancy of mobile devices has transformed how audiences engage with content. Mobile apps are now crucial in marketing to this rapidly growing segment. With nearly half of all web visits now coming from mobile devices, and a significant portion of social media consumption happening on these platforms, our new IR Mobile App is perfectly positioned to meet the demands of this mobile-dominant era.”

Stock Marketing Inc., with its specialized knowledge in digital marketing for publicly listed companies, has played a crucial role in the development of this app. Their services, which include website creation, social media management, and now innovative investor relations mobile applications, are tailored to meet the specific needs of today’s digital landscape. InvestorNews Inc. maintains an ongoing commitment to offering an independent source for capital market news.

InvestorNews Inc. operates the Investor.Coffee YouTube Channel and produces the InvestorTalk Event Series, alongside managing media platforms for the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI).

About InvestorNews Inc.

Celebrating over two decades in business, InvestorNews Inc. is proud to be the force behind – your independent source for capital market news. Renowned for our comprehensive coverage of the public markets by esteemed analysts and accomplished business journalists, InvestorNews is the Publisher of the highly regarded Investor.Coffee YouTube Channel and Podcast Producer, and the Production Manager behind the daily InvestorTalk Event Series that offers accessible Q&A to industry leaders and experts. In our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, we have become the media platform for the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI). The CMI orchestrates regular virtual events and the annual Critical Mineral Institute Summit Series to cultivate collaboration and specialized knowledge within the critical minerals market.

About Stock Marketing Inc.:

Stock Marketing Inc. specializes in digital marketing specifically crafted for publicly traded companies. They offer comprehensive services including website development, social media management, executive branding, and investor relations mobile apps.

Contact Information:

For more information about InvestorNews Inc. and its initiatives, please contact Tracy Weslosky at [email protected] or dial +1 416 792 8228.

For more information about Stock Marketing Inc. and its initiatives, please contact Scott Breard at [email protected]  or dial +1647 688 8100.

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