Built on arguably one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of our time, Hemostemix has ‘your fountain of youth’…

Stem cell therapy is potentially one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of our time. It is truly amazing that we can use our own bodies’ stem cells to heal certain diseases. The technology is evolving, but today’s company is making great steps forward to bringing stem cell therapy to patients.

Hemostemix Inc. (TSXV: HEM | OTCQB: HMTXF | FSE: 2VFO) is a company that is developing ‘stem cell therapy’ for the treatment of ischemic (lack of blood flow) disease and several other diseases. Some examples include using the patient’s own stem cells to heal ischemic heart disease (causing angina and heart attack), limb ischemia, vascular dementia, ischemic kidney disease, possibly diabetes, and even in some cases chronic pain. Hemostemix’s stem cell therapy platform uses the patient’s own blood to harvest the stem cells and uses them in a treatment that helps to restore circulation (blood flow) in damaged tissues.

How does it work?

Hemostemix explains how their stem cell therapy works by stating:

“Hemostemix’s technology uses a patient’s own cells to treat that patient’s disease. The cornerstone of this autologous technology is a novel cell population within the blood called the synergetic cell population (SCP). The synergetic cell population, which can be collected from a simple blood draw, consists of progenitor and other supporting cells that are being developed for the treatment of ischemic diseases. Hemostemix’s proprietary technology includes methods for collecting the synergetic cell population and manufacturing (isolation, enrichment and differentiation) a personalized regenerative therapy that can be administered to a patient within 7 days of the initial cell collection.”

About Hemostemix and their lead therapy ACP

Hemostemix was founded in 2003 and is a winner of the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award. Hemostemix’s pioneering stem cell treatment is called angiogenic cell precursor (ACP), or ACP-01 for the first one.

Hemostemix has published numerous peer reviewed clinical trials regarding the safety and efficacy of ACP-01 for the treatment of limb ischemia, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), angina, and ischemic cardiomyopathy, involving treatment of over 300 patients.

Case studies show that Hemostemix’s stem cell therapy (named ACP) is effective

Below are just 3 of many case study results:

For example:

  1. The results of the 106 subjects suffering from ischemic cardiomyopathy “[experienced] improved cardiac function (Left Ventricle Ejection Fraction), improved exercise capacity, and improved quality of life…”
  2. The results of 41 subjects treated by direct injection of ACP into the heart to treat ischemic and dilated cardiomyopathy: “Overall ejection fraction improved significantly… At a mean of 180 days after injection, NYHA functional class improved significantly…subjects …improving nearly 126 meters in walking capacity in six minutes.”
  3. The 83% of subjects treated compassionately for critical limb ischemia who “… had clinically significant improvement of adequate circulation at the distal limb for…complete healing.”

Latest news

In the latest news, Hemostemix announced on February 14 that they have trademarked the term “Your Fountain of Youth” for a period of 10 years.

In other news Hemostemix recently announced a partnership with My Next Health. My Next Health Inc. (MNH) is the world’s leading patient focused, AI-functional-medicine-based genomic medical analysis company.

Finally, an exciting piece of news from January 2022, when Hemostemix announced that they plan to combine ACP-01 with Dr. James Shapiro’s Islet Cells to treat Type 1 Diabetes. The news states: “Following technology transfer, the team will create a new product by combining the two formulations, beginning with human islets. Thereafter, the team will complete preclinical studies to demonstrate the product’s characteristics in vivo, with a plan to move forward with first-in-human testing.”

Note: The global diabetes care drugs market reached US$69.7 billion in 2019. The global market for diabetes care products including drugs and devices is expected to exceed US$111.2 billion by 2027.

Closing remarks

Hemostemix is at an interesting stage of development where they have spent many years proving their science and technology works, with several favorable clinical trial results. The next stage is the most exciting for investors, when the Company gets to commercialize the technology. Of course, once this starts to gain success the stock price would typically be much higher. Hemostemix states: “91 Patents. More to follow as we scale Manufacturing and R&D.”

The market for stem cell therapy to treat various diseases is potentially huge. Just think of how many people suffer from ischemic and degenerative diseases. There may also be a market to treat diabetes if the latest Dr. Shapiro pre-clinical studies go well. If we can safely grow back healthy cells in our body to repair damaged tissue, then the potential rewards are enormous. Hemostemix gets this, as we can see from their recent trademark name – “Your Fountain of Youth”.

Hemostemix trades on a market cap of C$8 million. Patience is required but there is huge potential for reward if Hemostemix takes off.

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